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Has anyone heard of James West Attorney from Houston. They have called me for a debt with American Express.

I did a Google search and found that the actual name of the law firm is West & Costello, LLC. If they are calling you up for a debt with American Express, they are required to send you a written notice within 5 days of initial communication, informing you of the amount of debt, the name of the creditor and a debt validation notice.

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novice novice

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No, I think they are based out of Houston, texas. The other thing is that they do not have my present address as I am out of the country and i dont think they have my forwarding Address. I would love to repay the debt but I do not have the funds or resource to do it at the Moment.What can they do if they cant find me.

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Since you are out of your country, the creditor cannot do anything right now to recover the debt. When you come back you can negotiate with them for a debt settlement and pay off the debt. But before negotiating get the debt validated from them.

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The law firm has been leaving messages for me on my VOIP phone.Can These attorney's do anything to track as to where I am. How do they find relatives etc. I have been reading on the forums that they usually track down the person by calling relatives and friends. It is not that I want to run away from the debt. I basically have no money to pay them back and am scared of getting sued. Please help

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No, these law firms cannot track you outside your country, because the International laws differ across countries. I'm not sure how they get the number of relatives and friends, but they can definitely sue you for the debt and bring a default judgment against you.

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But Can the default judgment be used since I am not in the country.Will it just be applicable when I come back into the country.

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Yes, the creditor can bring a default judgment against you even if you are not in the country, but they will start the process of collecting the judgment amount through garnishment once you return back. Judgments has its own SOL and the creditor can recover the debt within the SOL if you return back during that period. You can also go through this thread in the forum amex-usdebt.html .

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Here are the facts. James A. West Law Firm is in Houston and is a knowingly illegal firm. They still operate; but have gone silent lately. Do not talk to them if they call. Do not give them info. They use bully-tactics and only ask for your account info over the phone...this is illegal.

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James A West is a real lawyer. The Firm is james A. west, p.C.. He is licensed by the bar and will sue people who do not pay. There is nothing illegal about him or his firm

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whatever you say pal.they sure don't act like it.

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