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I received a call today at 10:28 from an unavailable number, stating that she was a process server and was going to be issuing me a summons to appear in court. She said that she had to go to court right now, and that she would serve me either tonight or tomorrow morning. She said that she couldn't give me any information about it, except that I could call ACS Legal Group at 1-888-317-2069 and gave me a docket number.

I called and asked for the Legal Outsourcing Department, to which I spoke with Megan Oliver. She stated that I am being served a summons because of an internet payday loan that was taken out in March 2009 through PDL Ventures was never paid. I currently owe $390.00 as long as I pay the amount before March 31st.

She said that because I called in, it put a "hold" on my account and I will no longer be issued a summons since I have called her. She stated that at letter went out to my address within the last 60 days and that since I didn't respond to that letter, I was being served. I told her I never received a lettler and I verified with her my correct address.

I had MANY internet payday loans out during that year, and I can't honestly say if I have paid this one off or not. I will have to check all of my receipts.

I have no idea how the court system works, but I'm assuming that this is not the correct way to handle things! She kept commenting on the urgancey in my voice and telling me to calm down, that everything would be okay since I called in and spoke to her.

Please help!

report this witch immediately if not sooner as she broke the law hand over fist.first process servers never call ahead.sceond this is an illegal file a police report and do not talk to this witch further.ACS is a bottomfeeder and a scam.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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NOt much to say other than classic bottomfeeding scamming techniques. There should be a law against impersonating process servers and legal officers and disinforming consumers.

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StevenDoyle StevenDoyle

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I have received calls stating that I owe for an upaid internet loan, and that they were bringing up legal charges against me. I knew instantly the it was not legitimate, first of all because I do not owe for a loan, secondly anyone that is suing you will have you summons to court by mailing the summons or having the sheriff's dept. deliver it. The people I spoke with had deep middle east accents but there names were like "John Smith" or "Matt Williams"... another red flag. Their goal is to try to get you to give account information so that they electronically debit your account to pay for the "so called" loan. When I asked them to give me a physical address so that I could send them a money order, they refused. Being leary of any place of business that refuses to give you an address or P.O Box number. They kept asking for my attorneys information, which is a scare tactic. I gave them the number to a personal friend of mine who happens to be an attorney, and I haven't heard anything since.;)

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I paid $200 to them before I told them to stuff it (unfortunately it took me that long for all the "Wait, what" to sink in.

It started with a phone call stating they were a process server and to call some number and went down from there. By the end of the conversation, the "docket number" they gave me was no longer a docket number but a reference number and the papers being served were just documents they had for me...but never sent.

I stopped payment on one of the "arrangements", got a call twice that I defaulted on "court approved payments", and what I paid into them was now null and void. When I spoke with them they told me that they never said court approved payments (I saved the voicemails) and they would serve me papers for a civil lawsuit in 7-14 business days.

I'd shake in my boots, but my state laws say only one person has to be aware than calls are being recorded. :)

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I had received an email from this company as well as phone calls. I forwarded the email to the Better Business Bureau and when they called next, I informed them that I had seen their company on a beware of scams episode of The Anderson Cooper show...then they abruptly hung up on me lol.

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I've had them do this to me twice, both times of course I didn't pay them any money because I know I haven't taken a loan with them. I am very good at keeping records of EVERYTHING and I know for a fact that I have had nothing to do with this company, if it can even be called that. Both times I asked for managers, supervisors, I asked them to verify with me my information and to send me paperwork and a proper website and reference number to confirm that I, indeed, need to pay off as much as they say I need to pay off. I, of course, have gotten nothing back as of yet. And I agree - the Matt Williams guy can't even speak english and if he was serious he'd have a proper business number and not a cell phone!!

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