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In Need of Desperate Help pertaining to 7162475597

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My in laws keep getting a call from 7162475597 for me. The person never gives the company their calling from just their name which is Susan Henderson. I called the number back and the lady answered and asked my name and said to hold my file was in with the attorney. Than after being on hold the lady came back on the line and started saying that they were going to garnish my wages and report me to the irs and that something has been filed with my local clerk for fraud. When I asked the woman who she was and where she was calling from she said non of my business. I also stated that I wanted documentation about this matter and she said NO! I did get one thing from her and that was that the company that filed the complaint against me was from Iadvance for 3033.00. She than said that I could take care of the actual balance today which was 622.09. When I explained to her that I wanted her license number and her exact mailing address she said "I will notify the courts you are not cooperating, and it seems that since you are asking for documentation you are just trying to use a stall tactic and good luck with your wages."

So my questions are:
1.) Who are these people
2.) Who is Iadvance (and if they are a payday company can they give loans in FL)
3.) How can I request documentation if I don't have their info
4.) Whats the statute of limitations
5.) How can they garnish my wages without a judgement?

If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it :)

They are calling from the Buffalo collection agency triangle area....loads of unethical collection agencies. Bottom feeders.....hang up on them. Only a attorney in the state you live in can sue you....ignore them to your state ag's office. Stay off the phone.

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