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Huntington Nation Bank..Collection agency?

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Does anyone know what collection agency Huntington National Bank usually sends bad checking accounts too? I got a notice today that FINALLY they closed our account and sent it to a collection agency and that I would be hearing from them soon. I just wondering who I'll be "working" with:) Also do you know if collection agency will take dmp? I need to put this debt with Town and Country or try for a settlement, do you think they would settle? Thanks Reny

The Loss Prevention Dept of Huntington National Bank may let you make payment arrangements on the closed acct. As you know, you will most more than likely be sent to Chexsystems. If you can set up payment arrangements, then you are showing good faith that you are trying to pay off your debt.

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Lmale, I'm curious who you ended up being contacted by and how. My Huntington account was recently closed and I received a similar notice. I have already been reported to Chexsystems, but have not yet been contacted by a Collection Agency.

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The posts are over a year old. I doubt the people who wrote then are around anymore

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i got a phone call from this collection place for hunington bank and they told me that they would not take any money out of my husbands account until they called me and sure enough they took 288.99 out of there and put mein the hole and then the lady said that she would have to call me in order to do that and she never did

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Does anybody now if hunington bank work thew alliance one for a collection agency

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