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Hunt and Henriques threatening to sue me for Citibank

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My Citibank card is around 100 days delinquent and went straight to H&H law firm. They call around once a week. I finally called them back and told them I was settling with some other OC's for around 35/40%. She said that Citi would only do 80% and that they "wanted their money!".
She also said that they sent a letter around three weeks ago stating that I must pay immediately within 30 days or face a lawsuit. I NEVER saw any letter!!.
I told her that no letter ever arrived and that I could not afford 80% of the debt. She said "Oh well, thats all we can do for you, find a way to pay or else!"
Are they bluffing? Are they required to send me the letter before they file suit? Should I write them and request DV?
I wouldn't mind settling if I could afford it but I would prefer to find violations on their part and sue their asses off or something. I guess that since the debt has not sold and they are just a collection "vendor" (as the citibank automated message calls them) I may have a tough time winning in court. What do you think?
How should I proceed from this point?

Thanks a bunch,

They must send a letter. What state are you in? Is that the exact name of the law firm? I can't find nothing on them, what state are they in?

Telling you to pay or else is extortion and you can sue them for that if that was the exact words.

If they are not an attorney in your state you can also sue them for that too. You can also report them to the bar and the attorney general in their state if that is the case.

Demand a letter and tell them you never got one if they call again. I think they are bluffing to be honest.

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Thanks for the reply.
I believe I got the name right. You can search it on this forum and come up with a few hits. I (and H&H) are/am in California.
Apparently, Citi's strategy is to hire a law firm in the debtors area to represent them and go for the throat.
I guess I'll ask them for the letter next but I'm afraid it don't be lookin' so good for me. I hope someone can tell me otherwise.


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So I went to the local, county court website and searched for all the cases brought to trial by H&H and it appears that the majority of their cases resulted in 'vacated' or 'vacated/dismissal filed'. Thats a good thing right? That means my chances are pretty good right?


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Hello, anyone else wanna jump in here?


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I want to see about taking them to court too. They came after me with a judgment; I was making monthly payments to them. They stopped taking my payments out and would not take or return my calls. Then 2 months after my last payment (not for lack of trying to pay on my part) they wiped out my bank account for $1500 more than what I owed them. When I called to see what was going on (they actually took my call) they treated me like I was a piece of trash. I will be on the phone with a Lawyer first thing in the morning. They CAN'T get away with something like this.

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If you are being sued by a collection agency, my advice to you is to get an attorney. If the collection agency is only calling you. You can and must ask for verification of debt first after you receive verification on the debt in question go to an agency that deals with debt. 1.check to see if debt is yours .2.dont acknowledge anything to anyone over the phone. Some collection agencies have access to your credit file and they are just shopping for anyone that will give them money no question as. hope I have been helpful.

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I got a call also and then requested to send something showing this is valid and he told me if he were to do that it would be the letter of intent to sue and this would then speed up the judgement process. Is this true?? or does he need to send actual proof of them legally collecting on this debt and stop any collection actions until then?

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