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got a call at work hudson and assoc law firm 904-222-8525 saying i owe a pdl from 04 for 780.00 i wont pay without debt validation letterwhen i told them they are coming to my work tomorrow with a search warrant and to talk to my manager.
I dont know what to do I almost want to pay them I cant get these calls at work

I received a call this week. When I returned the call I was told I had multiple law suits being charged against me. He told me it was from a payday loan I did in December 2010. He had my SSN and my old bank information. In November I was scammed by a man in Florida so I closed my account. I now believe they are selling information between scammers to try and get us. The person who called me was Eddie Turner from Hudson Law Firm out of Seattle WA. He said he was pursuing legal action on a loan from Cash and I owed $350.32. I looked up Cash advance and it went directly to, which has a scam alert on their page. It also states on the page that they are not a lender that they will refer you to lenders. The phone number they called from was 253-242-2572. They said the company number was 425-998-1321. All the people we spoke with had Indian accents, were hard to understand, and had American names, Kevin Jordan, Eddie Turner, and Paul Bell. My husband called back and requested information and they said I owed $476.16. We asked for the legal documents to be emailed and they said they would email it. When we asked again we were told we would have to go to the courthouse to get a copy. I know as a CITIZEN that I am to be served with legal documents if I am being sued. How am I suppose to go to the courthouse when I live in another state. We asked them for a web address to look them up and we were told to do a search on Hudson Law Firm. We also asked for and address and were given 302 Peninsula Tower, Seattle WA 30284, which I was unable to locate. When we started questioning more, they got rude, said they had to meet with the Attorney General in 2 minutes and could not talk to use anymore. I'm glad I researched this more and did not fall for their scam. I hope others question them as well and we can put an end to those who scam on us who are barely making it.

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I keep getting the same phone calls. I have been getting them for about a month now all different law firms--different numbers-different people except the dumb dumb decided to use the same name with two different law firm. I always ask them and right down there name-law firm-and phone number before they can start. When they tell me the law firm I look them up on the internet sometimes they are legitimate law firm but this time I see it is a fraudulent one. I tell them I call the FTC and have a case with them about this scam. I talked to one of the legitimate law firms and he said have fun with them because they can not do nothing to me. So I have fun with them.

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I received this calls today as well, stating that I was being sued for fraud, theft and something else by Hudson & Associates for a pay day loan I had open a while back. Since that time we filed for Chpt 13 and are protected by the law, but this guy (Indian accent) kept saying it was a criminal law suit. Gave them my fax number and told them I won't talk to them w/o something in writing. We'll see. Thanks for all this information, everyone!!!

Sub: #3 posted on Sat, 11/27/2010 - 02:18


OMG!!! I am so glad I read this. I was so nervous!!! I received the same calls. They sent me an affadavit saying they were going to take me to court and file charges of bank fraud, and all these other charges. But what bothers me is that they put my social security number and bank account number on the fake court document.

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They keep calling me as well. I called CashNet USA and they said they are investagating the situation and I owe ZERO! These people need to get caught!

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Scam. Happened to me. Reported to CA attorney general. I told one of the guys to f-off after repeated phone calls. (OK, so I lost my cool.) He said he was going to come to my house and f- me. Threatening calls. Filed charges with LAPD

Sub: #6 posted on Mon, 06/29/2009 - 20:06


Scam. Happened to me. Reported to CA attorney general. I told one of the guys to f-off after repeated phone calls. (OK, so I lost my cool.) He said he was going to come to my house and f- me. Threatening calls. Filed charges with LAPD

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IT'S A SCAM!!! Samething happened to me and i reported them to Federal Trade Commission and you should the same! Also i contacted Cashnet USA and they are investigating. We have to report things like this to stop scams!!

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his threats are hot air.just hang up on him.he will move on.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Oh yes if theres any humor in this at all his accent was so thick and he told me his name was Sean Cooper!!!

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