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I received a call at work to call 866-606-9942 for me to call them urgently. When I did call them back they mentioned that they had 2 accounts witht hem. One was from a PDL that I had in 2006 (I know for a fact that I paid it off) and the other one from Bank of America for $4,200. I am saying "What?"... When was that account opened and how come it doesn't even show on my credit report.
The woman said that it was from 2002 that BOA charged it off and now they want their money back.
I told her that the SOL has expired, was charged off and didn't even show on my CR. She said that after 7 years it drops from my CR but that now their client (BOA) wants to collect their money.
What a bunch of bull****. Since I refused to make any arrangements with her, she said that she was going to send it for appropriate action. What did she mean by that?
Should I be concerned?


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Sub: #1 NO
Tue, 01/29/2013 - 11:41

first what state are you in?the pdl mat be way past SOL. the bank debt if not tied to the pdl is way past not speak to them again.btw who is the bottomfeeder?the call and strongarm tactics smack of botomfeeder.btw the last comment from her was an empty threat.when the SOL expires it becomes "time barred"meaning it can't be sued on.if they have the nuts to try then you bring up the fact that it is past SOL it will be dimissed.they kmow this and have to rely on scare tactics and threaning language.ignore them,but file AG,AND FTC complaints.


Sub: #2 I am in Florida, but she
Tue, 01/29/2013 - 13:20

I am in Florida, but she woman kept saying that it didn't matter if the debt was charged offf, or if it didn't show up on my credit report, that they can still collect on it or send me a 1099 so I have to pay taxes on it. I told her that that debt was way too old but she insisted that they were going to take appropriate action and forward my case/file.


Posts: 15508
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Sub: #3 LYING
Tue, 01/29/2013 - 13:24

they can't send a 1099 for a pst SOL debt.she has to break the law with those threats because she can't legally collect on them.file the complaints and ignore her sorry ass.she can't do a thing she threatens.

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