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Has anyone ever dealt with a collection company called Glass Mountain Capital? They called me today, left me a message on a phone number that was unauthorized to call (my husband's business line). I called them back and spoke with a very nice guy by the name of Geno. He explained what the situation was and told me that I may qualify for a "hardship" program. He told me that he had to talk with his supervisor to get authorization for me to pay $50 a month to pay off $1,000. His so called "supervisor" gets on the phone by the name of Cynthia and starts chewing me out. She told me that I broke a promise and wanted me to pay her with the credit card having a $13K limit that is listed on my credit report. I told her that was my husband's card and that I did not use it. She told me that being it's on my report that I can use it. Then she started asking me personal questions like how long my husband and I have been married and if he knows I have credit cards. I told her that was none of her business. Then she TOLD me that she wanted to talk to my husband to get his credit card info to pay this $1000. She also told me that he WILL find out that I I got credit cards without him knowing. She was going to call him and tell him. Please tell me what she said to me was illegal and that she was trying to scar me? I offered a payment of $50 a month and she would not accept it. Then she hung up on me, had the nerve to call me back on my husband's line again and didn't say anything and hung up again. Is there anything I can do to stop her from her threats?

Making threats to coerce payment is a violation of the fdcpa.

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First off, what sort of debt is this that they're trying to collect?

What they did was against the fdcpa - they have no right to tell you what assets to use to pay off a debt, or demand that a spouse or family member pay your debt, unless they are a joint debtor on the account.

I would not be surprised if this is a new collection agency, or a DBA (doing business as) name of another agency. I can't find anything on them on google at all.

Contact your state's attorney general and file a complaint. Then go to to find an attorney in your area that practices consumer law and see if you have a case against these creeps.

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I looked at my credit report and it is listed as an "authorized user". I do not use his credit card at all. Can she call my family members and demand money? I am on the FTC website starting a complaint. Just out of curiousity, what will they do? Regardless, she was rude and I am sure she said all of that to make me pay it off right then.

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No, they cannot call your family members about this demanding money. It would also be a violation of the fdcpa (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)

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Your husband is liable for the account as well. I'm also pretty sure that it's not against the fdcpa to talk to a spouse about a past due bill. Harrassment, however, is against the FDCPA. They can also lawfully check your credit (as they're working for a creditor to whom you allegibly owe $$). Any ways, if they want to get payment from your husband they can! FYI and good luck!

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No, they CAN'T. They only way your husband is liable for this is if it is a community property state and the card was gotten while you were married. As far as talking to your husband about it, they may be able to. In a community property state they can, in a non they likely can't as I have heard (this isn't 100%) that they can't talk to a spouse without authorization from you.

What she was doing is in violation of the fdcpa. Send them a debt validation letter and be sure to include a limited cease & desist telling them that they can not call you at all, that they may only mail you letters. By law they can't continue to collect until they validate the debt properly.

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I composed a letter yesterday to the VP of the company telling him that they are not permitted to contact me via telephone, only by mail or email. Plus I told him about the conversation that nasty lady and I had. I hope it does some good. The credit card that she was asking me to use to pay my bill was my husband's card attached to his social security number, not mine. I could never get a credit card with a limit that high! But, it's on my credit report as an authorized user, which I did not know about.

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