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I received a summons from Fulton Co. court house on 1/4/09. A person knocked on my door, he looked like a bum, confirmed my name and address, handed me a form and ran! The form was fron Frederick J Hanna and associates concerning a supposed "prior debt" from Bank One for $ 3900 USD. In talking with an attorney from pre-paid legal, they told me that I have 30 days to respond with a debt validation letter.

My research has taken me to the fact that lvnv funding llc is not registered in the state of Ga. What I do not know id if the scumbags from Frederick Hanna could be listed as an agent, don't see hoe because that could be conflict of interest.

They claim that the debt was for a Bank One card from 1999 with the debt supposedly "reaged" in 2005. The listing for incoporation of this company was 2006. How could a company claim this!?

Any insight on the debt validation letter on what should be put in it and any redress on my behalf.

See what Bud Hibbs has to say about Fred Hanna on his website, you should disinfect anything from lvnv funding llc.

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No, you have 30 days to respond to the summons and complaint. You are being sued, the time for DV's has passed. You need to start researching your states Rules of Civil Procedure. What state do you live in? When was the last time you paid on the account? What else came with the summons?

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Fultom County is Atlanta GA.

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