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Hi, I have just received a call from Protocol collection services advising me that a charge card that i had opened 4 yrs ago has been referred to them. They could only provide me with the amount owed and how mucg i could settle for. I have tried contacting HSBC but i get no help from them either. HSBC does see where i called to cancel my account but obviously they had not( Kicker: After the call i made to them in Jan '06 i never recieved an invoice or collection notice to date) So in turn i beleived it was cancelled and taken care of. What should i do from here?

I would suggest requesting validation before you pay it.

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If a card has a remaining balance on it after you cancel it then you are still responsible to pay it back along with the interest that occurs.

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+1 to JCEMT's advice. Full validation is very definitely in order here. You are entitled to see a complete breakdown of what they say you owe. All charges, interest, penalties, etc. Without that information, I would not pay them dime one.

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