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northstar capital acquisition llc - is this a collection agency?

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i received a notice from North Star Capital Acquisition, LLC telling me they were suing me for a debt that had been wrote off over a year ago i called to make arrangements to settle but was told i would have to send a $100 a month until the full balance is paid and it would stay on my credit for ten years as a judgement even if i paid i don't know what i should do now any suggestions would be greatly appericiated!

Did you receive a summons to court or just a notice from North Star Capital Acquisition? Check with your local court to find out if it is a legitmate summons. If it is a real summons you need to answer it. You can find examples on this site. What is the amount owed according to them and what is the amount that you actually borrowed prior to all of their fees? If you have the money I would only offer North Star Capital Acquisition a percentage of the original amount borrowed. Eventually they will take it even if it goes all the way to court. Do you rent or own a home and do you plan on purchasing a home or car any time soon? A judgment will affect the rates you are offered on those loans.

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What happens if a single person has debts and dies? Can someone be appointed to sell the debtor's belongings to pay the bills off?

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That almost sounds like a letter trying to scare you into making a payment. Definately check to see if there is real papers filed, if there is not...boy do you have a 'smoking gun'....I would quickly fire of a stiff DV letter and let them wrack up the violations and then take THEM to court. :lol:

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I am dealing with the similar, but mine is actually filed to the court. I found after calling to the court. According to the online court record, summons was issued, but have not received it yet. I have no idea what to do at ths moment besides I sent DV Letter to North Star Capital Acquisition. The worst is I have no idea what this debt refers to as nothing on my credit report.

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The executor of that persons will is able to pay the debts but you will likely need some sort of power of attny or something stating that the person had passed and when.

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Not all collection agencies report to the CBR agencies. It's good that you sent the DV letter to find out what this is. Make sure you keep a copy of everything and answer the summons when it arrives.

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My 83 year old mother just recieved a letter from this same company stating that she owes 2200 and have recieved a court document as well. she has no idea who this company is or why she owes this money.

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keep in mind though that once a lawsuit has been filed, the CA will not validate the debt for you, or even answer a DV letter in most cases. At that point, the DV cannot stop the legal action because it has already been started. If you find that this is a legitimate suit against you in court, then you will need to move for discovery to request validation of the debt. Check with your court clerk's office in the county you live in, and they can tell you if this was filed as a real lawsuit or not. If it wasnt, then the letter you have from the CA stating that they are suing you is potential evidence, do NOT get rid of that letter. If they tell you that they are going to take any action against you, including suing you, and they dont actually do it, it's a violation of the fdcpa.

Check the court clerk's office and let us know what you find.

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Hello, How are you toight? I am lookign for a phone number for North Star Capital. Can you help me with that please?

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I had a capital one account that I did not pay. it's been 7 years and now they have went through North Star Capital and have file a lawsuit aganist me. I am very worried because I'm a single mother in college and I'm afraid that they will garnish my wages. What do I do?

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