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Help Please. I had an account with Cap 1. In August received letter from Forster and Garbus with amount I owed ($1115) and I began making the payments. Have now paid them $1120 and they sent me letter stating that I now owe another $520. I called and asked for explanation they say it is for costs of filing with court. She claims that i was served with a summon on Oct. 15th (I never got anything). I asked her so when is the court date because I want to show up. She said when I respond to the summons I will get a court date. I said that's not true I have 20 days to respond etc. and I obviously couldn't have responded to a summons that I did not get. She claims that she mailed a copy of the summons and I said I didn't get it so I could not have responded. I asked for an accounting of exactly what the $520 is for and she said she could get that for me. She claims that she called my house and spoke to my friend (very interesting as the only number they have is for my cell phone and even if they had my house phone I don't ever have anyone else over and it is just me and my kids -- unless my dog answered the phone). She claims that she calls all the time and leaves messages which the number they have is for my cell and all calls are itemized and so I know she's lying. She claims all these things have been mailed and reads back my address but I never received any of them. Only the original letter and the one for $520. If they really did serve a summons wouldn't it have gone to court already?

My intention has always been to pay off all these bills that were left from divorce but I don't want to be taken in either. I live in New York.

the woman called back to tell me that her supervisor is offering a settlement of $315 and they will close the account today. I turned her down and told her I wanted to talk to her supervisor. Of course it was voice mail and have to wait for a call back.

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This sounds kind of strange. Call your local courthouse and see if there is a court date.
I wonder if it????????s too late to send a DV letter. I????????m sure someone will be along soon to advise you.
Good luck and let us know what the supervisor says.By all means keep calling them until you get to talk to a real person.

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mommontoya mommontoya

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Please contact the NY Attorney General with your complaints:

You can refer for more information

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This is so good. Finally, some justice for New Yorkers from these parasites. They're not as good as they think they are... They got burnt - served me a summons in the incorrect way as well. I wouldn't say a word until I get them in court.

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Does anyone know how I can join this class action against Forster and Garbus. They're very nasty attorney - never answered my dv letter and then sent me a summons. Thanks.

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My brother found mine in the yard coverd in dirt yesterday Forster and Garbus and it's crumpled up and dated jan. 26 2009

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i called the fbi and the nys attorney generals office and the suffolk county police forster and garbus frozed my checking account and are trying to take my money we all need to close them down they sent me a phony summons went to the sheriffs office they said it was a phony summons.

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Sue them. If you cannot afford an attorney, your local county courthouse will have referrals for legal aid or you can go to the National Association of Consumer Advocates at

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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Forester and Garbus had sent me a letter with a phony looking summons from and old printer...You know the kind that you have to rip off the sides. It appeared that i had to be at court on May 8 2008. I never recieved anything in the mail nor did anyone serve me with this summons. I got the letter 7-2-08 two months later. I guess there collecting a debt for Pinnacle credit service. It says that I made a credit card purchase or took money advances under a credit or a line of credit account, prommisory note. What the heck is this...I never had a credit card in my life. I was reading a web site called rip off report and a women said that she spoke with a women by the name of Liza Gibbson. I spoke with a women by the same name for the company they are collecting for. Whats this...She works at both places? Both these companies seem to be scammers.

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Call your county court house and verify whether you had a summons * lawsuit or not. If not, sue them for $1000 plus possible attorney fees and court costs.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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