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I have been receiving calls from Encore trying to contact my daughter who has not lived at home for 10 years. She is across the country. How do I stop these calls?

Send them a cease and desist letter revoking all contact, if they don't comply, file a complaint with the FTC, BBB, and anyone else you can think of.

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There are a couple different Encores listed on Bud Hibbs. Try there for an address to send a stern C&D. Inform them that any further contact with you (an un-involved 3rd party) will result in complaints being filed with yours and their states AG's, the BBB, The FTC, the ACA, and any other acronym you can file with(maybe even the FCC). Also, I would contact your daughter and have her contact them to update their info so they will leave you alone. She might not go for it but it's her reponsibility. ment.htm

Or it could b

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