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I have question about garnishments.

If a person owes on credit cards and can not pay, and the creditors get a judgement to garnish wage, can the spouse's wage be garnished? The the person owing the money has no employment. And is the only person owing the debt...spouse is unaware of credit cards and did not sign for them.

if they are in no way connected to the debt then no.btw if you are receiving unemployment,or SSI/SSDI they can't garnish that either.so no they can't.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I owe money and am afraid if I am sued, my spouse will have to pay the debt even though spouse is not on the credit cards. Spouse doesn't even know about the debt. We live in a community property state.

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the community property part is different.how did you manage this?did you have an income at the time?hate to be harsh,but knowing what i know about this you are going to have to fill your spouse in as if you don't and the CC sues they will find out the hard way.do you want that?

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paulmergel paulmergel
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