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great way to not hear the phone ring, turn ringer off

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i have credit one and ic systems calling me everyday. they call 5-6 times a day. my remedy. turn the ringer off. at the end of the day i delete any messages on my phone.

my friends know my other cell, and any other associate or contact i have contacts me through my cell phone so i have no reason to keep the ringer on.

feels great to not hear the ringing anymore. all i do is hit delete on my system at the end of the day, takes 10 seconds.

One way to stop them from calling is by writing them a cease and desist letter. You can also write them a letter to verify or validate the debt. There are sources on this site on how to write a debt verification/validation letter and cease and desist letter. In fact, you can write one letter that is a combo of all three. A word of caution...sometimes when collection agencies' recieve letters to cease and desist communication, they may attempt to sue, but it depends upon the debt, the debt collector, how old the debt is etc.., continue to consult the online community for more assistance.

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bandibreath bandibreath

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Cease and desist letters do usually help.. one time i even had my phone number changed!

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bea2ls bea2ls
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