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I am receiving collection calls from a Company for a medical bill. I have been paying on this bill & am sending another 200.00 next week. I owe 700.00 from over 1400.00 After next week it will be 500.00. They asked me to get a loan from a friend or get a personal loan or a credit card to pay this off. Will they take me to court if I am paying this?

sjfoely...please post the same question only once.

While it is entirely possible that you could be taken to court, it is unlikey that a judge would grant a judgement on a debt that you have been paying on. Who owns the debt, the medical provider or the CA? Are they reporting on your credit reports? Since you're the one with the money, you have th power to control how it goes out. Next time they call, tell them when you will be paying and don't let them dictate to you how or when. Do not give them any of your banking info and if you already have, close teh account and open a new one.

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collection agencies have the right and authority to take their debtor to court over any amount. So, I cannot definitively say that they will not choose to seak litigation. However, that being said; I seriously doubt they will choose to go that route.

I know it can be scary dealing with collection agencies, because that is exactlty why their job is. A lot of times, collection agencies will use threatening tactics to scare their debtors into paying in full; especially when they feel that he/she has the means to pay it. These threats are usually pretty baseless and empty, especially considering the fact that you only owe $700.00. The cost of attorney and court fees would probably exceed the amount of your debt.

My advice to you would be to keep paying what you can when you can. You've almost paid it off anyway. And no one says you even have to respond to this collection agency. Just keep paying what you can, keep your head up, and you'll be harrassment/debt-free in no time.

If the threats become unbearable, and they seem over the line, investigate the fdcpa for your consumer rights against collection agencies.

Good luck!!

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A collection agency may not threaten to take a person to court unless they have the intention to do so. That is a violation of the fdcpa. collection agencies rarely sue. Lawyers sue. Even if they did sue they would be forced by the court in most states to make payment arrangements which is what they already have.

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