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Unauthorized debit to my checking account

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Collectcorp sent a notice to my adult son regarding an amount due $3499.78 for American Express Credit Card. I mailed a check to Collectcorp for the total amount due on my son's behalf. I called the representative to follow up and was advised that $288.98 was still due to pay the account in full. I provided my account number and authorized a debit for $288.98. A month later, without authorization or communication, Collectcorp made two debits to my account in the amounts of $81.86 and $2.99. I called and left a phone message for the representative, but he hasn't returned my call.

How should I proceed.

Welcome, Darla--

The first thing to do is go to your bank and immediately dispute the debits from your account. Inform them that this company did not at any time have your permission to withdraw those two sums of money. Your bank should handle it for you. Inform your bank that those people are not authorized at any time to deduct any sum from your account, so if they try, the bank should stop it.

Second, you need to contact your state's attorney general's office and file a formal complaint. To be honest, you never should have paid that $288.98--they told you how much was due, and you paid that full amount. What they just did was steal that money from you. Once they tell you "this is how much is owed", adding anything onto that is not proper. They just scammed you. They saw that you were so willing to pay and they thought they would go to the well again.

Once you provide records of these three debits from your account, as well as the check you sent them, tell the AG that you want to file a formal complaint. Other things may come into play--for example, what state do you live in? It is possible that creditcorp is not even legally allowed to operate within your state.

Make sure that you bring the notice they sent your son too--it is now evidence. They were pretty stupid to pull that, because they had just sent you the claimed balance due in writing! Anything else after that is just theft, plain and simple.

Let us know how this goes, and if there is anything else we can answer for you. Also, if this CA is in a different state than yours, I would notify the AG office in their state too.

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