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My girlfriend received a notice of intent to sue from a debt collector. It says she has 20 days to respond and deny the claim. What should she put in the letter to deny the amount. Original amount was $7,500 and now they want over $30,000 with interest.

Send a debt validation letter to the company but by all means respond to that letter. They need to prove that they have the right to sue. When and if a court date is assigned make sure she goes.

The debt must be within the SoL of your state for a creditor or collection agency to be able to sue.

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What state are you in????

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30K???? That's ridiculous. Are they tacking on court fees?

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Fyi is right, send them a debt validation letter,asap. Be sure and send it certified, return receipt, so you will have proof you sent it, and they received it. In the letter, which you will find samples on this site, it will ask them to state how they came up and calculated the interest and balance.

What company is she dealing with? We may have some info on that company if we know who it is. Good Luck..KAren :D

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court fees. i have been sending them some amounts of money because
i do not have it upfront. they are in my start can they really sue. its only for

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