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Friday there was a collection agency that called my mother and I believe I know which one because a year ago I advised them and sent a certified letter to not call my parents home. They were told to not call again, and they told my parent that they will call back again. Is there something I can do about this, because they were rude and should not be calling that house anyway?

This is a common tactic that they are allowed to do ONCE. And only for locating you. They can not divulge any information. However, they know this is embarassing. They will call friends, family, and even neigbors pretending to 'trying to locate', but in reaility they are just trying to embarass you into paying the debt.

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rstimson rstimson

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Call them and verify that they have your current info. Then inform them that any further contact with any 3rd party will result in you filing suit. Record the call if you are in a 1 party state

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er solutions did it to me.. i reported them to the BBB and it stopped, maybe that will help?

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bea2ls bea2ls
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And if you are in a 2 party state for call recording, inform them that you are recording when they pick up. If they do not agree, then demand that they transfer you to someone who will agree to being recorded. They do it to us all the time, I always get a laugh when they refuse to be recorded.

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drburr drburr

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Was it the same CA calling you? Often acounts are moved around and if you sent a C&D letter to one CA, it does not apply to the second, or third or.... So basically, if the account does not have good contact information for you, everytime it is moved, the calls will start all over again.

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Its the great game of Whack-a-mole

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Creditors financial did the same thing to me. My husband had a delinquent account and I wasn't even on it. Somehow they did their research and got both my parents numbers and called them at home. They told both of them that they were looking for both me and my husband and said that we had 24 hours to call back about case number xxxx or we were being sued. Scared the crap out of them and really embarrassed us! Thanks for all the information in response to the question on this helped me too.

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