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Just a note about this company, was contacted by them, actually my mom was, and i found out and called them back. These people are nasty and rude, the lady overtalked me and then hung up on me. The problem is solved, it was a bill for a hospital I visited in July in FL, my grandmother had just passed and i ended up staying with my mom for almost a month, then returned home. i was never once contacted by the hospital in an attempt to collect this debt nor was my mom. i had listed my mother's number because i was staying there and my PA address etc... then moved down here and found out they were harrasing my mom. Long story short the hsopital billed to the wrong medicare number and then sent the account to collections immediately. This CBCS Collections does not respond to faxes etc..everytime you would call them they would ask for your address, phone number etc..even if you had just spoken to them the day this day the hospital supervisor has admitted the error and is resubmitting the bill to the right medicare number...however, to this day after 2 months i still have not received a copy of the bill after requesting such from CBCS. I called yesterday to update them as to what is going on, and they say i am lying, the hsopital wouldn't send me a bill etc... the hsopital billing supervisor told me to tell them to submit all further correspondence to the hospital and I relayed the message. this is an instance where I hounded the debt collector. Hopefully, things will be cleared up in 2-3 weeks, funny thing is I have other accounts with the same hospital where they actually reported the right insurance number. go figure. It is a company to be aware of...CBCS

If the hospital has taken care of this,why not demand the hospital recall the account and get rid of the collector for good. :wink:

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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I never even thought of it. They admitted it was their mistake. i will try it tommorrow. Thank you:)

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amoriello amoriello

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I had received some letters and phone calls from this group regarding hospital charges. When I called the phone number listed on the written correspondence from CBCS, it connected me directly to the billing dept at the hospital. I spoke to someone helpful, paid the past amount over the phone and I thought that was the end of it. Later the SAME DAY, I received another call from CBCS informing me of what I owed. I explained that it was paid earlier that day with the hospital and that I was sure they would receive notification from the hospital at some point soon. Then, they actually told me I was supposed to call THEM, not the hospital! I explained that I tried to call them, by calling the number they had on THEIR MAILINGS- but I just got connected with the hospital and they should put their number on the letter if they actually want me to call them! Then he told me that I still owed the money because I was supposed to pay them and not the hospital! Can you believe these people? Owe the money twice? Just when I thought this was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, he then explained that this debt would remain on my file with them until the hospital informed them (obviously), and since that could take a while, I should just pay THEM THE MONEY AGAIN NOW so it will be off my account sooner! Do they really think they can get away with this?

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Wow what kind of company is this? As for the OP I would demand the hospitol recall that bill AND contact the collector. I have had this happen to me in the past only they turned it into my credit reprot and until I seen it I never kn ew it was out there. In firther investigating what it was for I foun d the hospitol billed the wrong company and by the time they figured it out it was way past the time limit m y real health insurance would go back and pay a bill. I attempted to make several payments but as soon as I made one they transferred to the next debt collector wuthout subtracting my payment. I just gave up.

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fireyone_02 fireyone_02

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Just FYI - I would take the situation all the way up the ladder with the business office manager (Accounts Receivable) of the hospital and/or hospital administration. Trust me I am an administrative manager for a large healthcare organization who shall remain nameless and I do receive calls from patients regarding billing issues. To pay a bill twice is called "double dipping" because both the hospital and collection agency cannot collect on the same debt. If you paid the hosptail directly then they need to demand that they retract it from the collection agency they assigned it to.

Hospitals and Medical facilities outsource on debts they cannot collect in house - and when they outsource to the collection agency they do not know what is what except to collect the money. Heck most of the time they don't even know how to answer a patients question if they dispute the billing because they don't know the patients insurance benefits or billing codes. So you have to go right back to the source of billing - which is the hospital or medical facility. But do not pay the balance again to the collection agency. Best advice I can give someone is always check your statements and EOB (Explaination of Benefits) when you receive them and dif you disagree dispute them asap as well as knowing your benefits under your health insurance. Good luck~

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ksando44 ksando44

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This place is a scam, it's not an actual collections agency. They have been harassing me for over a year for "unpaid bills" from the Cleveland Clinic. As of my last bill, from a very recent check up, I owed $5, not the several thousand CBCS has been trying to convince me to pay through rude coercion techniques. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT give them any sort of personal information, they're phishing.

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They have been calling me but won't tell me what they are calling about until I give them by SS#! I won't do it...

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My Parents-In-Laws were having trouble with their medical bills getting paid to the point where they were getting final notices from companies, so I took over and sent out checks in February to avoid the bills going to Collections... Apparently while the checks were on the way to the companies they were sent to CBCS, well the companies cashed those checks in March to cover those bills, but CBCS is still harrassing them and they will not talk to me on the phone because my name isnt on the account, I have tried to talk my mother-in-law through explaining the everything crossed in the mail and that they need to take it up with the company that sent the bills to them in the first place but they will not listen, plus I can't seem to get in touch with the company that billed them in the first place.... What the heck can I do? My In-laws are elderly and cant correspond with CBCS on the phone well enough to get them to leave them alone... and I have kept copies of the checks to prove that they were paid

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Can you write a Debt Validation letter to CBCS and tell them until they can prove that your parents(though I would use your parents name so it looks like it's coming from them) owe them money, not to contact them again? And only repsond by USPS? Edited to add, that I would also call the hospital/doctors office and let them know that CBCS is still harrasing them for a payment, and file FTC complaints etc.

Don't forget to send the Debt Validation letter my CMRR.

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beli2005 beli2005

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