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I as well have a Mary Johnson from Cap Collections in gulfport calling and faxing to a work public fax drummed up copies of a police warrant she keeps saying she is going to submit if i dont payoff in 48 hours ... she leaves long rude messages whichi i refuse to respond back to other then email ... the police copies do not look real to me and are all off line and mistyped i told her she was out of line on her policys but that made her worse

Capital Collections LLC
Phone: 888-579-8904
Fax: 866-947-2565
Mailing Address: PO Box 3477
Gulfport, MS 39505

Is this the CA? Hang on to those faxes and if you can print a copy of the fax poll for incoming faxes. Does Cap Collections show on the fax header? If so, you might be holding one of Willy Wonka's Golden Tickets! Debtors Prisons do not exist so I'm not sure what they would arrest you for. What kind of alleged debt is this for? Have they mailed you a dunning letter?

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it was a cash advance online and then via faxed all my copies cash advance out of canada i do believe. this woman calling is from gulfport i believe, i have been in between jobs and tried to do installments , shes very argumentive, i have not signed for an cert mailings from them at all. the faxes are sent with their company fax cover letter but not on the header

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