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I received a citation that i was being sued by Cach LLC collection agency for a credit card i had a long time ago. What should i do in order to take care of this matter?

From what I have read you need to respond to Cach, LLC summons asap. They do sue. Have you asked for a debt valiation in regards to this debt? What have you done since you were notified of this debt or is this the first you have received from them?


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ladybug ladybug

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Hi and welcome to the forums

First, when you say a long time ago, how long back was it? There is a statute of limitations that may have expired here.

Also, what state do you live in? The states each have their own SOL laws, and each is different.

But ladybug is correct--you can send a debt validation letter to Cach LLC. by all means, answer the summons, because if you do not, they will get a default judgment against you. If you like, you can posat up what the summons actually says in here and we will help you draft an answer to it.

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skydivr7673 skydivr7673
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Usually, you have 20 days to respond in writing to a summons, if that is what you have. Do respond, even if it says no written response is needed. You will get help here. As someone else mentioned, Cach, LLC will sue. They live for it. So best to be "armed" and ready for them. Do not ignore this summons. They would love it if you did so they can get a quick default judgment.

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Here is what i've got for answering a Cach LLC Collection Agency summons! Make sure u answer it, that's VERY important...
Here is what a summons is and how to answer it:

Hope this helps and good luck, let us know how it goes,

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Ang Ang

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I did not borrow the money from these people. How can I legally owe them for something they didn't loan? If they bought my account,they probably paid pennies on the dollar for it. If so, wouldn't that be what they could legally try to collect?

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You didn't borrow from a junk debt buyer but regardless of what they paid for it, Cach LLC Collection Agency can still legally attempt to collect. Now its on you to fight it if they are suing. Answer any summons, deny everything, make counter-claims and make them prove it. You don't owe it until the judge says you owe it.

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My summons from cach llc collections, states that Washington Mutual Bank was the issuer when in actuality it was Providian who issued the card. Would a detail like this give me the right to deny the allegations in this paragraph?

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WaMu purchased providian in '02 or '03 I beleive but you have the right to deny anything regardless. What state do you live in? When was the last time you paid on the account? This may be time-barred for suit.

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I live in Michigan and it has been over 3 years. I was actually going through a debt consolidation company to take care of things quickly at the time, but I got laid off and couldn't find work that paid enough for me to keep up on bills. I've just been trying to get my life back in order (going to school full time, cutting back on personal expenses, etc) to keep this from happening again, and maybe even work with some old collectors about taking care of the old debts when I'm in a better situation.

Another question:
I talked to the law firm Cach LLC has hired for the lawsuit and offered to pay $100/month until I was done with school in 2 years, and then increase my payments, and they refused, saying it wouldn't even cover the interest. Can I bring this up in court, and will it make a difference?

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my husband was served this evening with papers from the county court for unpaid credit card account listing cach llc as the plaintiff, using a lawyer in Houston, TX. (We live outside Houston also in Texas) The original creditor is listed as Chase Manhattan bank. He has never had a card with the company listed. We have sent letters to two different law offices that had contacted us regarding this stating that we had no knowledge of the account and requesting validation. We never received a response. This is not one of the two. He had been receiving phone calls threatening him until he logged them in work cell phone as "do not answer". I was under the understanding that a collection agency could not sue for collection of a third party debt. Only the creditor could sue. How is cach doing this? From reading i know we need to respond, but what is the next step? do i send a letter to this new lawyer now too?
thanks for the help.

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