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Avante USA - Are there any allegations against them?

Avante USA Ltd is one of the most prominent collection agencies based in Houston, Texas. Glance through the sections below to know about the experiences of the consumers with Avante USA Ltd.

What are the main allegations against Avante USA?

Here are some key complaints against Avante USA:

  • Frequent calls: One consumer complained that Avante USA called him repeatedly but never left a message. He didn't understand why the collection agency (CA) called him several times without leaving a message. Here is the details
  • Aggressive behavior: Another consumer was very angry with the collection agency. The consumer said that a representative of Avante USA called him and behaved very rudely with him. The representative named Ron screamed at the consumer when he was told not to call again. Get more information
  • False threats: Avante USA is also accused of making false threats to the consumers. A consumer said the collection agency threatened him that they will take action against him. The collection agency keeps calling him regarding debt consolidation and foreclosure when he has no property or credit cards. He feels it is a scam. Get the details
  • Unprofessional attitude: A person complained that the employees of the collection agency behaved unprofessionally. The person said that a lady called him and started laughing hysterically when answered the phone. Check out the details
  • Fraud: An angry consumer said that Avante USA said that Avant USA called him regarding a paid off account. He claimed that the paid off debt is also reported on his credit report. But the collection agency is calling and harassing him about that account. Know more
  • Scam: One lady complained in the DebtCC Forum that the collection agency called her regarding a cancelled account. Her husband did not owe a single penny on that account. In spite of that, the CA claimed that her husband owed $1700 on the account. Learn more
  • Disturbance at work place: The collection agency is even accused of disturbing consumers at work place. Avante USA called a consumer at his work place about a debt that has already paid is full. Find out more...

How should you fight with Avante USA?

You can take the following steps to fight with the collection agency:

  • Check your credit report: If you get a call from Avante USA regarding a debt that you don't own, then check your credit report as soon as possible. You might be a victim of credit scam or identity theft.
  • Ask them to validate the debt: It is better to ask the collection agency to validate the debt when they call you regarding an unpaid account. You should check whether they have sent you a proper validation letter. This is because they may just send you a computer generated letter with ┼ôvalidation of debt printed on top of it.
  • Send a Cease and Desist letter: If the CA is calling you by mistake, then send a Cease and Desist letter via certified mail to them. You should clearly explain in the letter that you don't owe any debt to them. Make sure you inform them that you're not the person whom they want to reach actually. If the CA still contacts you, take legal steps against them.
  • Make complain with FTC: If the collection agency calls you frequently regarding a debt you don't owe, then file a complaint with Federal Trade Commission or your State's Attorney General. Make sure you record the date, time and name of the person who calls you frequently.

How can you contact Avante USA?

You may get in touch with Avante USA collection agency at the following address:

AvanteUSA, Ltd
Business Address: 2954 South Gessner, Suite 265
Houston, TX 77063

Phone Number: (713) 785-4467, (832) 476-1740

Fax Number: (713) 785-4467

I keep getting call from Avante USA on my caller I...
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I keep getting call from Avante USA on my caller ID. They never leave a message. Does anyone know anything about them?

I assume you may have gone to the same school that I did. They went out of business. I never received a bill from the school. This was in 2004. 7 years later (Passed the SOL) they want to collect. Ron from Avante is about to become a personal friend of mine. When he calls me im going to vent to him all of my problems. Im going to ask him how hes doing, and all of that. Im going to get to know him.

He left me a voice mail saying "Talk to me" and then at the end "Good luck".

I Always miss the calls. So they leave me voicemails. The school is on my credit report with a balance of $0... Ron do you see this? Balance is $0. Why are you trying to collect $8,000 from me.

Oh another thing which I found hilarious is that they sent me a settlement offer... Full balance is allegedly $8430 (or something like that) They sent me a great settlement offer... of.... thats right $8430. What a deal! Too bad I missed the deadline, considering it was 3 days before i received the letter. Such as shame that these people are unorganized.

Ron, if you call me again, im just going to make you my therapist. I will play music for you. We can talk about sports, politics. Whatever you want. My phone line is your phone line. I should add you to my family plan so that way you do waste my minutes.


Sub: #1 posted on Mon, 10/01/2012 - 22:14


I had to file bankruptcy, due to overwhelming medical bills. I called them back and gave them my case number and my lawyers phone number. Sent them a certified letter. Finally, my lawyer had to sue them for breaking numerous laws. They are still calling me. Have to go back to the lawyer and really make sure they stop. They call my Father, Grandmother, Brother, and Uncle. They are literally harassing my entire family. Dirt Bags!:mad:

Sub: #2 posted on Thu, 07/12/2012 - 23:20


it is funny i graduated in 1999 and i am getting calls from them now from a guy named ron telling me i owe 799. and didnt i wonder why i didnt get my diploma? well i have my diploma duh. and i never got a bill from the college i went to after i graduated which i told him and he said that is why they are out of business because they werent doing their job. i said i never received any bill and now 13 years later you want to collect money from me. go figure. but he was very rude to me until i yelled back then tried the nice tactic of sympathizing.

Sub: #3 posted on Thu, 06/28/2012 - 01:14


Avante sent a letter for my husband to my grandmother. It was stating that he owes over 800 bucks for some career. CEC debt or something. We do not owe anything in that amount. All my husbands student loans have been consolidated and we have been paying it off. The letter states that this is the final attempt. We have never seen anything from them. Also it has my husbands social security number as the account number and it doesn't x out the first half, it states his whole number. And the only forms of payment they accept are cashiers check or money order. This screams scam to me. We are reporting them so that this does not end up on our credit.

Sub: #4 posted on Tue, 01/25/2011 - 08:26


They do find companies that are out of business or look for info about debts that have been paid. They must have someone inside these companies giving them information. My daughter had a $25 overdraft that she corrected the next day and the bank says everything is OK, but these crooks still call my house. She's never lived here!

When you get the AG to send them a cease and decist letter, they pass it on to another company and it starts again.

What a bunch of slime balls!

Sub: #5 posted on Tue, 01/18/2011 - 04:33


Once you settle the debts, you're not responsible to pay off the dues in full. You went for debt settlement as you were unable to pay off your dues in full. I guess the collection agency is trying to scam you. You can ask your attorney to know what legal actions you can take against the collection agency.

Sub: #6 posted on Tue, 01/04/2011 - 15:26

Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

(Posts: 1827 | Credits: 385.61)

I have been receiving calls from them regarding a debt to a school which I had paid to another collection agency. When sent them proof of payment, they said that I still owed a balance because it wasn't paid in full, just settled. I never received a settlement letter, just a zero balance letter showing my payment. This is a scam I believe. I am in contact with the school and my lawyer and I have sent them a letter stating I want something proving I owe this money. I had never even received a letter, just calls on my cell phone. Well, they will hear from my lawyer if necessary. If you have your old credit card statements it would show that your account is paid as well.

Sub: #7 posted on Tue, 01/04/2011 - 04:18


Advanta, sounds like another lost sole looking for friends. They won't tell you who you owe but what money.Anyone throwing money around tell me.

Sub: #8 posted on Thu, 12/02/2010 - 18:24


Also getting calls from avante, saying I owe money from Ambulance ride in 2002 in NYC. Was sure insurance covered this years ago. What are you doing.

Sub: #9 posted on Wed, 12/01/2010 - 22:17


I got several calls from this so call Avante USA they need to stop calling my number . Who are these people ? they never leave messages.

Sub: #10 posted on Wed, 10/20/2010 - 00:47


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