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Avante USA - Are there any allegations against them?

Avante USA Ltd is one of the most prominent collection agencies based in Houston, Texas. Glance through the sections below to know about the experiences of the consumers with Avante USA Ltd.

What are the main allegations against Avante USA?

Here are some key complaints against Avante USA:

  • Frequent calls: One consumer complained that Avante USA called him repeatedly but never left a message. He didn't understand why the collection agency (CA) called him several times without leaving a message. Here is the details
  • Aggressive behavior: Another consumer was very angry with the collection agency. The consumer said that a representative of Avante USA called him and behaved very rudely with him. The representative named Ron screamed at the consumer when he was told not to call again. Get more information
  • False threats: Avante USA is also accused of making false threats to the consumers. A consumer said the collection agency threatened him that they will take action against him. The collection agency keeps calling him regarding debt consolidation and foreclosure when he has no property or credit cards. He feels it is a scam. Get the details
  • Unprofessional attitude: A person complained that the employees of the collection agency behaved unprofessionally. The person said that a lady called him and started laughing hysterically when answered the phone. Check out the details
  • Fraud: An angry consumer said that Avante USA said that Avant USA called him regarding a paid off account. He claimed that the paid off debt is also reported on his credit report. But the collection agency is calling and harassing him about that account. Know more
  • Scam: One lady complained in the DebtCC Forum that the collection agency called her regarding a cancelled account. Her husband did not owe a single penny on that account. In spite of that, the CA claimed that her husband owed $1700 on the account. Learn more
  • Disturbance at work place: The collection agency is even accused of disturbing consumers at work place. Avante USA called a consumer at his work place about a debt that has already paid is full. Find out more...

How should you fight with Avante USA?

You can take the following steps to fight with the collection agency:

  • Check your credit report: If you get a call from Avante USA regarding a debt that you don't own, then check your credit report as soon as possible. You might be a victim of credit scam or identity theft.
  • Ask them to validate the debt: It is better to ask the collection agency to validate the debt when they call you regarding an unpaid account. You should check whether they have sent you a proper validation letter. This is because they may just send you a computer generated letter with ┼ôvalidation of debt printed on top of it.
  • Send a Cease and Desist letter: If the CA is calling you by mistake, then send a Cease and Desist letter via certified mail to them. You should clearly explain in the letter that you don't owe any debt to them. Make sure you inform them that you're not the person whom they want to reach actually. If the CA still contacts you, take legal steps against them.
  • Make complain with FTC: If the collection agency calls you frequently regarding a debt you don't owe, then file a complaint with Federal Trade Commission or your State's Attorney General. Make sure you record the date, time and name of the person who calls you frequently.

How can you contact Avante USA?

You may get in touch with Avante USA collection agency at the following address:

AvanteUSA, Ltd
Business Address: 2954 South Gessner, Suite 265
Houston, TX 77063

Phone Number: (713) 785-4467, (832) 476-1740

Fax Number: (713) 785-4467

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I keep getting call from Avante USA on my caller ID. They never leave a message. Does anyone know anything about them?

Debt Samaritan
Posts: 512
Credits: 2791.5

Sub: #1 avante usa houston texas
Mon, 05/12/2008 - 08:48

AvanteUSA Ltd.
2950 S. Gessner Rd.
Ste 265
Houston, TX 77063



Sub: #2 avante usa and hsbc
Mon, 05/12/2008 - 08:51

They represent HSBC Card.


Sub: #3 That would explain it! Thanks. I guess they have it now! Why don
Mon, 05/12/2008 - 09:26

That would explain it! Thanks. I guess they have it now! Why don't they leave a message. If it were not for caller ID I would never know they called! How does that help them?


Sub: #4 Hyla Cineria
Mon, 05/12/2008 - 09:27

That was me


Sub: #5 avante usa and hsbc
Sat, 02/14/2009 - 10:48

They keep calling me with a recorded message, even though I'm on a do not call list and no business with HSBC. I called back twice to ask them to stop calling me, esp. since I found out they were looking for someone else who'd given my number.

One of their "agents" -- probably an ex-felon lucky to have a job-- named RON would not listen to reason or take my phone number off their stupid list. He became very abusive and was screaming at me. I am looking into further action against this company.

I have reported Avante to the do not call list as well.

They need to be reigned in.


Debt Samaritan
Posts: 2885
Credits: 38049.53595291

Sub: #6 The do not call list does not apply for collection calls. Howev
Sat, 02/14/2009 - 11:01

The do not call list does not apply for collection calls. However, since they are calling for someone not you, you do have recourse. Send them a letter, certified with return receipt explaining that you are not the party they are trying to reach and to cease & desist completely. If they contact you after getting that letter, it is a violation and you can sue them for a tidy little sum.


Sub: #7 avante usa scam
Mon, 05/11/2009 - 17:25

He also called me! What is HSBC? As far as I know I have no business with them. He threatened that he would be taking some action without my consent but could not tell me what this was on voice mail. Now I think it's just a scam. I can't believe they are getting away with this kind of misrepresentation. I also keep getting calls about debt consolidation and foreclosure and I do not own any property or own any credit cards! Is this also them?

Chrys Henderson

Posts: 2560
Credits: 17373.3

Sub: #8 Double check your credit reports immediately, you may be the vic
Tue, 05/12/2009 - 03:17

Double check your credit reports immediately, you may be the victim of either identity theft or a concerted effort at phishing. Check out the 1st link in my signature. I would also file a complaint with the FCC because they are using the phone lines to harass you.


Sub: #9 I have already filed an FTC complaint, because I keep getting ca
Wed, 07/15/2009 - 17:29

I have already filed an FTC complaint, because I keep getting calls from them from someone who I've never even heard of. The FTC will advise you to send a cease and desist letter, and to contact your phone company's unlawful call division. By law, they are allowed to contact you one more time after receiving the letter, but only to inform you of what action they plan to take against you, they cannot demand payment during this call. If they violate this law, you can file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's Consumer Protection division, at 800-621-0508, and the Office Of Consumer Credit Commisioner at 800-538-1579. Best of luck to you.


Sub: #10 avante usa phone calls
Tue, 08/25/2009 - 08:41

Dunkin Donuts had a gift certificate promotion several months ago. My daughter completed the card and sent it in with my name and phone number, this is how I believe that the phone numbers are gettign out. I also have my phone number listed for no solicitations since 2003. This has worked well. I now find out that the card for Dunkin Donuts waves the do not call! Great!!

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