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We are being sued by Asset Acceptance for a debt we have over paid!

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ok we bought a bow flex 7 years ago it was a total of 1'000$ and the monthly payments was $50 monthly but we over paid them in monthly payment in $200 a month so we could get it paid off faster this vowflex kept charging us late fee after late fee even thou we where paying $200 month now how is that late and now it been 7 years and they just sent us a letter saying they where sueing us for $ 3,077.12 vut the johnson law firm and that they where going to garnish is wages if he didn't pay court date is set for oct sometime they even served us papers that was bought to us by a police. I have papers showing we over paid some where. and I know that we don't owe them anything....

First off Welcome! What state do you live in?Check out whether Asset Acceptance LLC is licensed to collect in your state. When was the last payment made? What else came with the summons? An affadavit, questionaire, Discovery or Interrogatories? Start digging for that paperwork and let us know.

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I live in alabama and the last payment made was 2001 Been looking for those papers But I hope they didn't get lost in the move..

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christypar1 christypar1

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If the above is correct then this debt for which Asset Acceptance LLC is harassing is time-barred by statute based on AL's SOL of 6 years. Can you still access your bank statements on-line? You will need to prove when the last payment was made but you have an affirmative defense to the suit. What came with the summons?

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Have you pulled your free credit reports yet to see how Asset Accepance is reporting?

Sub: #4 posted on Sat, 07/19/2008 - 23:22

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Yes I have A copy of my credit report and on the report it has diff names buy diff companies from the bow flex acct

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christypar1 christypar1

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I need to file SOL with court in Indiana. How do I go about that?

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From 1978-1982, I took out student loans and began repaying them after graduation. Ten years later, I had almost completed all of the payments with the exception of about $1500. I was going through a divorce, then almost killed in an automobile accident. It took years for me to recover and no one was available to continue to pay my bills.
Today, the debt continues to show on my credit report and the company that continues to reage it is Asset Acceptance Corporation. What are my legal rights since this debt is over 25 years old?

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Does anyone have any prior experience of Asset Acceptance Court Cases in Kansas ?

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i am being upfront with all of you, why delete my post, if people can bash a company at least let the compay voice be herd!

I collect about 50k a month for my company (total each month the compay brings in 10-15 million, not bad)and get letters all the time on how nice and helpfull i am, no i cant speak for everyone who works there but i am sure at your local walmart there is a few bad apples that work there and are mean and rude, its collections, we have to be stern, not rude but stern.
if ur going to court again the company has a leg to stand on is is prolly gonna wage gran you, if u work out a pay plan with us u have no problems, as for filing bankrupt, instead of paying a bill, ill tell ya like this, i hate my landlord, but instead of moving(because i like my place) i pay him, kinda of the samething u file bankrupt because one person out of 10,000 that work for us treated you badly, again i am sorry that one person upset u but remember we are calling on a bad debt that is owed, and we are willing to work with you as long as u dont lie(we can see your credit updates and your file) and make arrangments that can be meet each month or offer a decent settlement, most cases i take 50% of the balance owed..

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Collector, can you spell?

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