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so today i received a letter in the mail from asset acceptance that states
Dear ____
We have recently learned that you may have inquired with a mortgage company about purchasing a new home or refinancing the one you own. This may be the opportunity you have been waiting for to resolve your past due obligations. Now is a great time to take advantage of the Mortgage referral team here at asset acceptance llc.

The orginal creditor is AIMCO which i never even heard of to begin with. The only AIMCO i know is the transmission shop where we got our transmission fixed and my grandfather paid the balance in full using his credit card. There's no way I could be getting charged still from them.

Is this even right for them to do? I called them today without giving them my info and they told me that when I apply for something i authorize everyone to go into my report to see what i'm doing. i don't understand this. is this even legal for them to go into my credit report to check inquiries i have made? My husband and i are in the process of rebuilding our credit so we can buy our rent to own home. I was pretty upset today when I got this letter and i'm not sure if anyone else has recieved similary letters!


Asset acceptance doesn't bother for any ethics. It is only a pressure tactics they are applying.

Just go through the page: -
asset acceptance llc harassment making me nuts-what to do? to know more about their harassment techniques.

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