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I have no debt, but they keep calling anyways. I file complaints with the do-not-call-registry. What can I do to stop them?

I would suggest sending them a written request to stop calling you, send it certified mail, return receipt requested. You can also file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission.

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Since they are a CA, they are technically not subject to the DNC list. You can file complaints with the FTC and the FCC. Have you talked to them or are you letting it go to VMX? They are a JDB so is it possible they bought a zombie debt? I've heard of people getting calls from debts that are 20+ years old.

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Have you asked them why they are calling? You made have been listed as a reference on a student loan or credit application. Your complaint isnt going to hold any water unless you find out why they are is not illegal for a CA to call you.

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You are going to have to ask them why they are calling. The DNC only applies to telemarketer sales and not collection. I would give them max 5 minutes on the phone to state who they are, their full address and phone number, what the debt is for and how much it is. At that point I would hang up and then cend them the standard letters disputing it especially since it is either not yours or outside the SOL.

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i just can't stand allied interstate they are so rud eand nasty i think they just look in the phone book and pick someone to call and harasse and if they call you by mistake they will argue you up and down that you know the person they are calling for i've had my number changed 3 times because of them looking for people i don't even know or just being plaine rude.

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