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Response from ACA Recovery Norman Kalina

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Last week I receive a call from Norman Kalina's office. Askin what was I going to do about my 2 accounts Paycheck Today and Cash Advance Network. The lady was very rude. But I held my own with her. She then connected me to Jessica Colby who did take the time to listen to me. After hearing what I had to say she told me that she was sending the accounts back to the OCs, because I had overpaid the accounts and I told her I had received letters from their states saying they were null in void. She also said if anyone called and harrassed me to call her back personally. Well today I get my mail and I guess ACA Recovery has tried to provide me with their form of DV for both accounts. All they sis was send me a copy of the online contract. What should I do now. I thought about calling back Ms. Colby and asking if she did send my accounts back or should I just send a follow up DV letter? Should I send them copies of the withdrawls from my account and copies of the letters from Oklahoma and New Mexico.

thank for your help

I would call her back each and every time you get ANYTHING FROM ANYONE ... keep her in the loop. Now if she says: call me every few weeks to let me know what's going on, and she is really helping you, for heavens sake don't call her every day.

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I called Ms Colby back today and let her know that I had received the original contracts. She let me know that she was infact sending these accounts back to the OCs. She also told me that she was informing them that I had overpaid. She said that they would honor my C&D and would not be calling. I guess now it is a wait and see game. I know my state is finally mailing letters this week, so hopefully that will do some good. I kind of feel like there are no other options if this is not resolved. I know I certainly will not pay them another dime.

What are the possiblities of Paycheck Today and Cash Advance Network jus sending me to another collection agency. Has that happened to anyone?

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