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I received a summons to go to court after the first of the year.
I'm being sued by a third party debt collector. It states that the Nature of the Suit is : AC Suit on Account.

I haven't spoken to this third party collector. If I had ever received anything via mail from them it went in the trash with all the other junk mail. I don't even bother opening letters unless I recognize the company.

I received summons on December 23. Papers say that they were filed December 1.

Do I need to file my answer with the court before the court date? or can I just go in with my answers and the plea that I disagree and request a notice of particulars?

Is a 'notice of particulars' the same thing as a 'debt validation'?

How do I keep this third party collector from seizing my bank account where my SSI check comes direct deposit? Should I talk to the bank? Should I just call Social Security and request that they stop the direct deposit and start mailing me my checks?

I don't have any disposable income that I can afford to pay this third party collector with....and if I did , I don't want to pay the third party, I want to pay the original company.

Any advice is appreciated, as I am working with very little time.

Make sure that you file an answer with the court and show up for court or they will get a default judgement against you. Personally, I would close the account and have my check sent to a PO Box.

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