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I got a very wierd call from a 588 area code today. It is a bunch of numbers run together ... too many for a regular phone number. Does anyone know if this is a collector?

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As far as I know, the area code 588 is from Newark in New Jersey. However, you need not worry because if it is a collection agency they need to call you back again or send you a collection notice in order to recover the debt. Now, if they call you up, they need to send you a debt validation notice within 5 days from the date of first communication.

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Thanks. It had a 588 area code with long number and then a bunch of symbols after it like exclamation point and plus sign. Any ideas on this?

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Hi J9284
Can you provide the entire number here so that I can try and check from where the call has come?

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i got a call from this number today 588-948-0576 and from what i have read its a scam thing. They didnt leave a message but i could hear spanish music on the background.

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588 is not a US area code

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