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Has anyone had any dealings with this CA. Everytime I talk with them on the phone I get different answers and information. I asked them to send me a settlement letter via email which they did but it didn't have a breakdown of interest, principle, CA expenses which I asked for.

Is this for your student loan? If so, letters are done off a standard print outs. I dont remember if we had a letter that listed a breakdown of what was what, other than a payment history from the client. That will provide you with a breakdown prior to settlement but it is not an official letter per se. Really the breakdown is irrelevant.

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THen how do I know if they are only charging me what they can do legally and not padding the total?

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Your settlement letter should have the real balance on it and he settlement. The numbers are provided by the holder of the loan. Ask for a client payment history. However if you are a recent default, there will not be much interest as it has already been capitalized into the loan. They are not obligated to break this down. Pay history will be from the claim paid date going forward.

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