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uhm....I'm a tad confused about this topic. Is the point that it's ok to run up gambling debts because some states make it illegal to collect on them? It seems to me that any debt one incurs should be re-paid, otherwise if one gambles online KNOWING the debt "can't" be collected...isnt that basically stealing?!

Even though you might be able to lose a bunch of money on a credit card to an off shore gambling site and get away with not paying it, why bother. In my opinion it is a waste of time and would not be worth all the telephone harassment or the fight to get the money refunded. The best option is to stay away from the sites to begin with. They are rigged and a scam and you will only lose money and gain heartache in the long run.

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I would think that you are right. It's like PDL????????s that are not legal or licensed in your state. You still borrowed money and should pay back what was borrowed

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