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OK I had a judgment against me from LVNV Funding and now I have to go to the payment hearing in September. I recently got approved for my SSDI,Which only took 2 months to get approved. I was on welfare before that. They can't make me pay or take my Social Security money can they? I heard I was income exempt. What do I do?

I do plan on declaring bankruptcy as soon as I find an attorney with either low fees or pro bono. I don't have to pay the court fees, I am exempt from that.

Any help would be great.

Social security is exempt from garnishment for consumer debt. Make sure you attend the hearing so they don't ask the judge for a bench warrant for failing to appear.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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Yes I know about showing up, they have it right on the letter, lol.

I would just need to show proof of income, correct? Also If I get a car, seeing as I am exempt, can they take my vehicle? I need it to go to the doctors, my grandfather is going to buy it for me. My state law says only if its over $700 they can they take it so I am worried.

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What state do you live in?

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Here's the link to MA's exemptions and some other good links: /legis/laws/mgl/235-34.htm

Trial Court Law Library

Massachusetts State Resource Page

Massachusettes Chapter 93 regulation of Trade and certain enterprises

Massachusetts Division of Banks

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if you are going to file, file before the hearing.. that way the automatic stay will buy you some time.. Given the situation I recommend that you use an experienced attorney to file. try this link for low inclome legal assistance in your state: click in the legal assistance tab on the left.. good luck

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jj jj
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yeah I called them 2 weeks ago JJ and they haven't called me back yet.

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Two weeks is a long time. Have you tried following up with another phone call?

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alias1958 alias1958

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You might consider dropping by their office also. I have found that I tend to get better service if I am physically standing in front of the person I am dealing with as opposed to trying to get help over the phone.

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