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I got a call from a CRS collection agency today, regarding an old bank account that was apparently not closed right. The account was charged service charges, etc. Long story short, this person told me that the bank was getting ready to file suit. She told me that some type of arrangement for payment of 1/3 of the account had to be made, other wise she was putting this down as a refusal to pay. I have no way to pay this until the first week of November, and she said there is no way to know if USAA will keep the account there or move on to court.
She was not pushy or rude like most collectors, but I still wonder how much of what she said is true, and if there is any way to know what the real status of the account is. Any suggestions???

I would contact the original bank, to get the real facts on what happened with your bank account. If it was not closed properly, I am assuming that the account was hit was all sorts of fees. If the account was improperly closed on their side, then they should fix it. They have the ability to reverse all bank fees.

I would also send a cease communication letter to the collection agency ASAP! Let them know you are going to handle this matter directly with the bank. Make sure you mail it certified return receipt.

Good luck!

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Kelly from NY Kelly from NY

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JC-If this is now sitting with a collection agency, slap them with a debt validation letter ASAP!!! They have to cease collection activity once you send them a debt validation letter and this will allow you your rights to see what happened with the account.

You can contact the bank, thts fine, but in order to follow the fdcpa, which governs the collection agency, send the debt validation letter.

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volleyballmom volleyballmom

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If the bank has no information on the account it would be because it is so old they have purged it from their systems. Meaning that the collection agency would not be able to obtain proper validation, thusly they could not collect on it.

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Hi Everyone,

Recently I got a note from Credit report that I need to pay something to a CRS debt collection. I would like to pay it but I even can not find out what is CRS and how I can contact them. Is there any one knows their contact information? Thanks a million.

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Unregistered ery_services.htm

Capital Recovery Services (CRS)
10340 Democracy Lane
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Phone: (800) 848-8191
Phone: (800) 282-8211
Fax: (703) 934-6460

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(Posts: 4666 | Credits: 308.23) of the above posts had said, something to the affect that 'if the bank account was no longer in the 'sysytem' that the CA couldn't possibly get information on it' ( paraphrasing this, of couse..). Does THIS 'rule' ALSO go for debts that are SOO old, a CA couldn't get info on it, when they claim they did?

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sdchargers_63 sdchargers_63

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If the CA was working for the OC or a first tier debt buyer then the info likely exists in both hard copies and electronic. The hard copies are in a million sqft warehouse and might take a year to retrieve but they do exist. Once you get to the second and third tier JDB's and beyond, their access to the documentation starts to disappear.

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Bill need to get your head out of your butt. Most people are in debt right now due to the economy....they can barely meet their basic needs let alone settling debts. So sick your head back into your cubbie and make your calls....with an attitude like yours you cannot be a very good collector.

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they just called me and did the same thing saying that i intentionally tried to get a payday loan and were going to take me to court and sue me...they never even wanted to do a payment plan with me which was i told her to take me to court.

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The company CRS has tried there luck with some many people via text, phone calls etc and from all the messages i've read on "whocallsme" they all appear to be scams. They obvious got my phone number from someone who sold it on (t-mobile etc) didn't have the correct name or address but were still sending text saying Donald was going to visit me. I have never had a single debt, don't answer any numbers i don't regonise anymore, never been left a voicemail and haven't had anything happen

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