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National Recovery Center Inc is threatening to sue me. Need help

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I had a girlfriend call me very very upset on Thursday telling me how a Mr. Nelson from National Recovery Center Inc called her at work and threatened her with a lawsuit if she did not pay the $1700- that she owes for Victoria Secret (yes, I know that is alot of underwear). He bullied her into setting up 4 payments of $312.86, with the first payment due on April 26th. She has 3 other cards that she owes on (Foleys, Lerners and Military Star Card). We were trying to come up with payment plan that she could afford for all of them (VS is the only one that was turned over to a CA). She said she could afford $100 a month on each card, I then question why she agreed to the $312 to NRC, when for $88 more dollars she could be paying on all four cards.

She decided to call National Recovery Center Inc on Friday morning (well she had me call, as I have a little more knowledge than her and it is much harder for them to bully me as they did her). She (I) explained to Mr. Nelson that after going over her financial status the night before that there was no way I could afford the agreed upon amount, but could do 100 a month, as I do want to pay off this debt. He got so rude saying nope, he would not accept that low amount. I then stated fine, I am revoking my authorization for NRC to debit my account for the payment. He proceeded to tell me to call my bank and put a stop on the payments. I asked why should I do that, you need to stop the payments. He said (after screaming at me) that he could do that, but I run the risk of it not getting into the system in time. I asked the date of the debit, he stated April 26th. I then got into diva mode stating that I am stupid, that is now way on earth you can tell me you cannot stop a payment 20 days out, that I have had payments scheduled on a Friday and called on Wednesday to cancel and it was enough time. He again very rudely told me to call my bank. I asked, are you telling me that you are refusing to cancel those payments and he said yes! He started screaming that he has the recorded conversation of the agreement, I then stated good, I too am recording this phone call and am calling my bank to play it for them and whoever else I need to, told him to have a nice day and hung up. He proceeds to put me on hold and comes back on a few minutes later telling me that he is closing the file as of today and returning it to the original creditor, i then asked, "so there will be no debits on my account for this, correct?" to which he says "correct, I am closing the file today". And we end the conversation.

I told her to call her bank ASAP and cancel her card as I do not trust this man one bit.

About 20 minutes later, Mr. Nelson calls back and apologizes for the previous conversation stating he does not like to get that way and that he was having a bad morning. He comes up with another payment option (plan), I listen to him and told him to give me the weekend to think it over and that I will call him on Monday. We then call Victoria Secret and explain that we will be making the payments directly to them as she is not dealing with NRC. They explain that it has been turned over to the CA and pretty much out of their hands BUT of course if she makes a payment with them they will credit her account.

She calls me back after lunch to tell me that NRC had debited her account for the payment (pending transaction). I then in turn call back Mr. Nelson at NRC, who seems flabbergasted when I say "Mr. Nelson please tell me why you debited my account after I revoked the authorization to do so? He seems shocked that this happened, and asks me to please hold. A woman comes on the phone and asks for a good number for Mr. Nelson to call me back at as he is researching what happened to my account and where the money is.

He calls back about ten minutes later, apologizing profusely. I explain that this transaction has put me (her) in a negative balance and now all the other outstanding transactions are going to bounce. He again apologizes then tells me he is going to reverse the charges and I should see the credit by tonight. I then state that I will call him Monday as agreed to talk about payment options.

Well, no sight of a credit posted to her account yet, but I told her to wait until tomorrow as it was a Friday and it may take a while. So we will see, I just feel bad when people (such as my friend) get bullied by these blood suckers!!!!!

Most debt collectors are like that leaving a few. Some of them are members here and they keep everyone informed on how to deal with such calls.

If possible, help your friend in working out a payment plan with VS. She won't have to deal with the CA if the payments are getting credited to her account. Tell the person in VS that they need to inform the CA to stop calling your friend.

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weeswie weeswie

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Doug Ream keeps calling my house for a person who does not and has not had my address in 12 years. Her name is Penny Gilliam. If he calls my home once more time looking for this person I will put in a formal complain with the law enforcement in my home town.

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I had them calling my work, a few times a day. I told them repeatedly not to call my work. THen they left me a message saying they were calling my HR dept to get employment varification. They called and told them they were calling to get employment varification because I was applying for a mortgage. Something needs to be done about these people. A class action lawsuit might ruffle their feathers

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These people are all violating the FDCPA, which carries a fine of $1000 for every rule they break. Look it up, and threaten to file suit against them for the violations.

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Exactly...They just tried to harrass me on the phone saying that I HAD to make a payment today, after I told them that I was unemployed and had no income.........LOL

Two different collectors tried to get me to give them my checking account information....I have learned NOT to let them even know that I have a bank account....I just tell them I have no money, therefore...I have NO NEED for a bank account....LMAO

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They just called me an hr ago stating I had to make a 200 max payment, 150.00 min payment this month. I am unemployed as of Nov 1. I was unemployed and barily can make it on unemployment. They were asking my rent, tv, electric payment, car payment... ask me what my unemployment check was and told them it was none of their business. Told them I work next month with them and they didnt want to hear it...I said if you can't work with me then I am NOT WORKING WITH you and HUNG up on them...

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Never, never, talk with a debt collector.never give them your financial information as they will bleed your account dry.Sue the the FDCPA concerning your rights.

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These people just called me and wanted my bank account number so that I could claim a "prize" in a contest I never entered in. Its a scam! Do not give these people any info!

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