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Dealing with a Collection Company named ERC

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Back in 2002 I had a speigel account with a balance of $320.00. Spiegel had informed me that they no longer were using the credit company that my Speigel Card had been issued through so I paid off my account. So I thought. I became very ill shortly after sending what I thought was my final payment on my credit card account. Never received anything from Speigel and I received a phone call about a year and half ago from this company stating that I owed Spiegel $1,162.00 which I told them I did not owe this amount and to stop calling. They did and today I received call from ERC advising that Speigel wanted their money. I explained to the collector that I did owe Spiegel as I had paid off my account. They want proof of this payment. I changed banks several years ago and I do not have that information and the bank told me it would be impossible for them to find that particular check as I wrote over three years ago last month. ERC advised that Spiegal had charged off this debt in 2003/2004. What do I do. I live in Arizona and I know that the collection statute is three years. I have no problem paying my original balance owed at the time I sent in my final payment. THe amount they are trying to collect is over three times the original debt. Any assistance? I check my credit report and I only located the charge off reported on one of the three credit agencies.

What bank were you with? It does seem like they should be able to go back 3 years for pete's sake. I thought that they had to keep your records for a minimum number of years.

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Lorri Lorri
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I was with Bank One,known now as Chase. I thought I should be able to obtain this information from them easily but they advised that since I was provided a copy of all my checks monthly, they did not believe they could assist me. I usually hold onto my check informtion for about a year and then I shred it to avoid identity theft. Any thoughts?

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peppertras peppertras

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I also looked into my state law for sol which is three years from the date that the account was charged off. Would it be wise to contact Speigel directly and try to work something out with them. I went to my previous bank and met with a customer service representative who was able to give me a print out of my cleared checks during that six month time period. The check in question was never cashed. I would like to pay my balance but I am not paying for this company's collection fees. What can I do about it?

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peppertras peppertras

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