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They called my Mom and Dads last night. I haven't lived there in 17 years.

I dont know but I called and the lady who answers has a major attitude problem. They are a law office

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I called last night and just got her voice mail and she sounded snippy. What did you say to her?

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Rose41 Rose41

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I asked her what kind of company is this? She said a collection agency! She then asked me did I recieve papers or was I served she then say Lady we have tons of clients what your first and last name, i then gave her a bogus name and she goes that sounds fimmilar, she no the name wasnt in the system the name I gave her was brittany lindsay............. sound famiLIAR LOL.... KEEP ME POSTED IF THERE IS ANYTHING I CAN HELP WITH LET ME KNOW!

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wonder if she'd git real hot if i called n asked where the short, blue-eyed redhead that i ordered is?



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texasconsumeractivist texasconsumeractivist

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I just called the # and the voicemail says, "you have reached Cheryl Hall with CCS."

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brownsugar brownsugar

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Putting "CCS collection" in Google gives a few returns. The first ons is a And whomever designed that just learned Flash. This is the same company that is referenced in a listing.

You have They come from the Great White North, eh. I'm thinking no on them.

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jedijeff13 jedijeff13

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I am the owner of Credit Control Service, LLC in Troy, MI. There are numerous companies throughout the U.S. with names of CCS, CCSUSA, etc. In addition, there are companies known as Credit Control Services, Inc, llc, Pllc, etc. Although almost all are collection agencies there are those that do follow the laws. As a professional I would recommend finding which one of these are either harassing or doing something illegal and reporting to the correct agency. The FTC has a section devoted to collections, this is by far the best place to go for help. the ACA (American Collectors Association) is also a great place to report such matters.

FYI, is not the same company as mentioned in, if you searched correctly there are several CCSUSA out of California, please do your homework.

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got an idea,PM me your business#owner.we'll see how proffesional your branch is.i don't have any dealings with you
guys,just want to be fair.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Also the post you are looking at was last added to in Feb '07. You're just now figuring out that people are saying bad things about a company with the same initials? Maybe you need to change the name of your company :twisted:

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Every company $ industry have a Creditors and Collection address book. This book contains the data of the creditors $ collection period.
Arkansas Treatment Centers

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max.digitalinfoz max.digitalinfoz

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