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How long is the Statute of Limitations in California, Albany? I have look everywhere a can't find it. Assett Acceptance is harassing me for a debt of my husbands more than 20 years old! HELP!

Oral agreements are within SOL for 2 years. Written agreements stay for 4 years within SOL in CA.

The collection agency will keep calling until the debt is paid. If they are calling for this debt that is 20 years old, it should not be reported in your credit report and you can't be sued for not paying it.

Your right move is to send a dispute letter mentioning that you are aware of your legal rights and the statutes in your state. Thus, you can refuse to pay the account since it is past the reporting time frame in the credit report and out of the SOL period. Thus, you should not be contacted further for the debt.

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orake orake

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Can I say it enough times? Thank you!

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i had a returned check in 10/2004. they Law offices of paul r stassinos said :oops: to mail a certain amount by a certain date in 2004 i mailed them check abount plus a fee so total paid was $158.46(check written was 128.71) they are now mailing me saying i didnt pay on time and are charging me 3x amount of check this happened inn 2004. what am i to do?the grocery store i wrote check to is not even in business any more. they have receipt of payment they say it wasnt post marked in time in 2004.

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The statute of limitations has passed. (California) Respond in writing and send it certified. Then put your return receipt where you will remember where it is if anyone tries to collect again.

Tell the idiot collection agency/law firm:

This debt has been paid in full. The statute of limitations has passed to attempt to collect any additional fees on this fully paid debt.

Do no contact me in in writing or by phone. Do not contact any neighbor or family member in an attempt to embarrass me. You know where I am and any contact with anyone for the purported purpose of "locating" me, will clearly be a violation of the fdcpa.

If you do anything to attempt to collect additional fees on this paid and stale debt I will contact an attorney and sue you for violation of the FDCPA.

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i had $$$ taken out of my savings 14 years later for jugment that was isiued in 1995 what do do????

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A judgement SOL in California is 10 years [Civ. Proc. ??337.5]

" /california/"

Dispute it with your bank (IN PERSON - with dopcumentation for evidence) as an illegal withdrawal.

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