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954-735-4455 - Does anyone know this phone number?

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Here is the number I have on caller id.1-954-735-4455 does anyone know of a toll free number for them?
Are they hard ball people to work with or resonable people.

I've tried searching for a toll-free number for you, but came up empty handed. I did find an address for you, however, so maybe this could work for now.

Zakheim & Associates
1045 S. University Dr
Suite# 202
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324

I also have this address:

Zakheim & Associates, P.A.
5310 NW 33rd Ave., Suite 100
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

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Teleport Teleport

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i dealt with them with my Target card. They are nice people. I sent them payments; however, i guess i wasn't paying fast enough. after 4 months of payment the account was closed through them and past onto another collection agency.

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changetobedebtfree changetobedebtfree

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changetobedebtfree... i am going through the same situation w/ my Target card and I am dealing w/ them. You mentioned that the acct was closed w/ them and then pass to another agency, my question is how is this new collection agency? were you able to get to an agreement w/ them? thanks...

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They like to sue. Responded with all the correct papers including "don't call me letter", they still keep calling! They are Debpt Collectors, nothing more.

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These people are unethical and rude. Tell you one thing then another. Feel they are above the law. Keep threatening court even when trying to work with them!

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I recieved a call from them today telling me that they are calling from an attorney's office and are going to sue. Are they just a collection agency?

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Zakheim is indeed an attorney's office, and they will follow up with legal actions. I would suggest either setting up payment plans or settle with them, as some of the clients will allow up to a 50% settlement, which you can't beat!

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Just received a summons that Zakheim is suing me for my past due Target account - about $6K with all the late fees, etc., despite my efforts to notify them that I was completely insolvent, and now recently unemployed! Guess they are sue happy as mentioned above. They'll probably end up spending more on attorney's fees then they'll ever be able to get out of me.

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