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Dear Friends, I am now dealing with Gerald Moore and Associates regarding a delinquent 2,000.00 Capital One credit card. Prior to seven months ago as a 47 year women I had excellent credit, and I will be able to pay my 3 bills of by September 8th, due to moneys coming out of a sale of a home. But the company will have me served today at work, which in my business I will be fired. I have documentation showing a death in my family as well as documentations showing I will be receiving these moneys. But they hung up on me today saying unless they have money today since it is 6 months past due I will be served today and have my wages attached, rathing than waiting until the 8th, even though I've offered my routing number and account number. Is this legal? They are being so rude, I just feel like quiting now, because being served at work, and having wages attached due to bad credit will definitely produce the same results. Is there anything I can do, or should I just quit and run for the hills?

No, no!! Don't make any such moves. Perhaps, you need some knowledge about your legal rights. As you are not armed with the federal laws applied on CAs, get some information in the FDCPA.

The federal and state laws are there to offer protection to the people when dealing with the collection agencies. The number of such companies is growing every day.

Did Gerald Moore and Associates ever send you something in writing that confirms their legitimate collections? Did they validate the debt before you send them money? Also, you will need to check the SOL of the debt account for which they are collecting? If you haven't done any payment within the SOL timeframe of your state, the debt can be legally refused and they can't force you to pay.

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Thank you for your response, I wish I had read it earlier. This morning they called my work again befor I arrived, and explained to my boss why they were calling and that I didn't call back. When I called them, Mr. Isen accused me of calling all day yesterday and harrassing his staff, where I only called once and explained that I could only pay on the 8th of September. I work with people around me and I would never do that anyway. In fact they have called saying I would be served today that was 3 days ago, and hang up on me. Work has been intolerable, especially with people around me listening to my calls. Before I read your post I have already given them my account number and routing number. My bill of approximately two thousand has grown much larger. I wish I could undo that. I can hardly function, but there are worse things. I'm most upset about being accused of harrassing his staff, when they are the ones who called me at work all week. But, with your response I don't feel so alone, so thank you! I wish I didn't feel so desperate.

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Defiantely follow Arden's link to the Fair Debt Collection Act. DO NOT let these people push you around. There are specific rules they must follow, and they are spelled out fairly well in the law. Until they follow them, they have nothing over you. Obviously - do not ignore the debt. If it is valid, do you best to resolve it in good faith. Just don't get strong armed into something that borders on illegal.

Biggest thing - debt validation.

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