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Someone from focus recievables kept calling my house, asking for my husband on the machine so I called back. They told me that he had a $945 cell phone bill from a while back and wanted me to settle it. I told them I could make small payments to take care of it, but thats all I could do. However, the lady was very rude and laughed at me, she told me that I just needed to plan to talk to a lawyer, and she hung up on me. My husband was very angry that they had told me about this account and he tried to call back the next and no one would connect him with anyone. What do we do? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Hello guest,

Sorry nobody got to you earlier. Well, if this collector continues to slip up and make mistakes, you may have a robust legal case against him.

Firstly, a collector is not allowed to use the threat of legal action to force someone to pay a debt. Threatening to sue when no suit is intended is a violation of the law.

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benjaminz6 benjaminz6
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How do you know that this debt is accurate? You must force them to provide you with details with the debt to see if this is something that you actually are responsible for.

First of all, this collector should have sent you a written notice providing you with all of the necessary information relating to this debt. The notice should inform you of:

1) The amount of the debt;

2) The name of the creditor to whom the debt is owed;

3) A statement that unless the consumer, within thirty days after receipt of the notice, disputes the validity of the debt, or any portion thereof, the debt will be assumed to be valid by the debt collector.

If he did not provide you with this info, you should tell the collector that you "want to have this debt validated."

After you inform the collector of your validation request, all calls from the collector must stop until the debt is validated. If he does not comply, then you can sue.

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benjaminz6 benjaminz6
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Oh, I just was about to search your question as you posted in another thread.

Go through these links if it helps you further. ble.html tml

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PassionHunting PassionHunting

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I, too, just received a phone call from this company. I was innondated with personal questions, which I refused to answer, since I did not know who was calling. They referenced a prior address and my husband's name... to which I still gave no validation or rebuttal. A man (notice I didn't say GENTLEMAN) named Mr. Hamilton got very rude.. rude doesn't even BEGIN to describe his language, attitude and inferences. When I asked for his name, he told me, and then, in a diminutive tone, asked if he should SPELL it for me! He refused to answer any of my questions (employee ID #, etc). I asked to speak with his supervisor, Mr. Black, who was calmer, but seemed to support his charge, and did not realize how unacceptable Mr. Hamilton's behavior was.
What a HORRIBLE company ~ what HORRIBLE customer-relation skills. They will be reported to the BBB, and I strongly urge other people who have fallen victim to these predatorial collection agents, who, by the way, had NO valid claim.

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I went through the same problems you have had with Focus Recievables. They called said I had an outstanding doctor bill. I told them fine let me find out where the bill is coming from and why it was so much. They told me know there was not time for that if I don't make a payment now i would be prosacuted to the fullest. I never made the payment. So about 6 months later they call again the guy was acting all nice and he was here to help so I set up payment arrangements with a check for X amount and he said i could send in a little here and a little there as long as it was paid before the check was dated. I sent almost all of it except for $50.00 of and they tried to pass the check for $400.00. Then they had the nerve to call me and tell me I had wrote them a bad check. I ask them how they could pass a $400.00 check when I only owe $50.00. He became angry and yelled at me and told me he was done with me and that he hoped they could get all they could from me, and if i wanted to discuss the matter further i would have to call back at a later time and then he hung up on me. I called back and complained and they said they will discuss this with the man. Then a new guy calls me about a month later to ask me about the rest of the money. Itold him about the expierence I had and then he told me that the man I had dealt with earlier had been fired. So I paid the rest. I hope they never call again.


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I had a cell phone bill from a while back that I was on a payment plan with another company. The phone company was bought out and sent the collection to Focus Recievables. A guy called me and was very rude. I told him that I wanted to speak with some one else about my account. He transfered me to some one else and she was very rude. I then told them that I wanted to speak to a manager. A lady got on the phone. She said she was a supervisor. I told her that I knew I had a debt that had to be cleared up but it wasn't for the amount that they claimed. It was for $200.00 less than what they were asking for and all I could do was make $100.00 a month payments. She didn't want to take $100.00 payments. So I told her that was all I could do and she hung up on me. About 2 weeks later I called in and tried to speak to some one. A guy flipped out on me so I hung up. I called back. A lady got on the phone. She hung up on me. I called again and asked to speak to a supervisor. I asked for all of the business' info. and told her that I wanted all of the conversations I was involved with recorded. She hung up on me. I was also told in the first conversation that I had just better plan on getting a lawyer and seeing them in court. What do I do now?

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I have contacted this firm on behalf of a client

they have numerous warnings from Federal and State

Authorities for violations of the Fair Debt Collection

Act I would call their office in Tampa and inform

them you will be seeking damages for each and every

call which violates the Act.

Make sure you get the names of people you spoke with

and if possible tape record the conversation. This

is not illegal since you have informed them of such

and does not violate any wiretapping statute

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I had a similar experience, they are all rude at focus receivables. There is no reason in the world why they have to be that damn rude!!!

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I have been getting calls from them also, have yet to answer, let it go to VM...will try and find an email and see if i can correspond that way.. Just don't need the headache of trying to deal with it over the phone.

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whiterock73 whiterock73

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Ya this Mr. Kaufman guy keeps calling for my sister and he kept badgering me about my phone number. I kept telling him that I have had the number for 2 years and that my sister doesn't live here. He pulled up my phone number somehow and searched so that he could get my name and crap. What the hell?

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