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About 27 days ago I sent a request for debt validation to Gerald E. Moore. Today I received a validation of account. Says 15 USC 1692g validation of account, the cover letter says 15 USC 1692g validation of debt and collection activity will now continue of this account.

Well the letter does not say they are authorized to collect in my state. No explanation of how I owe what they say I owe, and i do dispute what they say I owe.
No copies of any papers that show I agreed to pay, no license numbers or proof they are a registered agent.

So what should be my next move?? I do NOT want to call them on the phone to be cursed at and treated rudely. Send them another CC/RR letter stating what they left out???

Wow! I am waiting for a validation from them as well. I guess this is what I can look forward to. If I get something like this, I am writing right back and telling them this is not a valid debt until they can prove so. Maybe you will want to consider doing this and send a copy of your original validation letter highlighted with the details you need and have requested. I am interested in hearing from our forum members on this. I know Mr, Moore is not licensed in my state to collect. I have documentation of that

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KittieKat KittieKat

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mbell, I sent you a PM with some info on this guy. It will make you feel more calm about this. Yes, they play unfair but you can do something about it.

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KittieKat KittieKat

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Ive been posting about these people on and off. I am now waiting for their next move. In the beginning- started about February of this year- I was so scared and lost so much sleep because of them! I decided to do some searching via the internet one sleepless night and found so much stuff with which to arm myself against them! I am now standing up to them. One web site besides this one that has helped is He is so helpful! He has so much on all sorts of CA's. Including Gerald and his goons. One thing that Bud told me- and I do mean Bud himslef as he called me! He told me to tell them to provide the orginal contract with my actual signature on it. Well I know they cant provide that because in my case it was an oral agreement. Oral agreements here in the state of KY have an SOL of 5 years. Well 5 years have come and gone and I informed them of this, demanded the proof, demanded the original contract, demanded them to explain their reasoning of their sum of over 3200.00 I owed on a debt that was 718.00. I also sent them a cease comm letter and a cease and desisst letter as well. In the mean time they went ahead with their threat of filing an arbitration litigation. I researched some more- found out that if they cant prove that I am even privy to an arbitration they cant file for one. So I told them this as well in another letter- all letters need to be sent certified and with return reciept- this is for your protection. Well after a barrage of letters from me- with no let up, plus printed out copies of documented abuse by them from and the threat of me using the law to protect my rights and my family- lo and behold they have filed for an "indefinite stay" with the arbitration forum. That basically means they are shelving the whole thing. Not admitting they were wrong and breaking several laws while doing it as they have no jurisdiction here, but good enough for me. I also then wrote another letter to the arbitraion forum that since they were not able to produce the original contract with my signiture(proof of the debt) I was requesting a dismissal- basically telling them they could not legally collect on this debt and it should be thrown out by law. One more thing I added in my letters was that I told Gerald that I was going straight to the Georgia Bar to file complaints about him and his staff using illegal methods of trying to collect on this debt. They do expect that you will be so scared of their threats that you'll just lay down and comply with everything that they demand. DONT DO THIS. You can fight them. DO NOT no matter what give them any $, or your checking/bank account info. They will steal you blind. I have seen documents(hundreds) of this happening to other people who thought they had to do whatever they demanded. I have so much info I cant put it all in this reply- if you want more let me know and I will send you more through email.I am so happy I stumbled upon this website before I did something drastic- and stupid like give them my personal info. was also a God send! GOOD LUCK!


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Jill35, that was awesome feedback. I am glad you knew just how to handle this guy and his goonies. I have an attorney all lined up for just this occassion and Mr Moore will know this attorney quite well from past experiences with him. In the meantime, I suggest restraining from any phone calls from GEM. If you happen to pick up the phone, and it is
them, tell them you intend on recording this phone call.

Cert'd letter is the best way to fly with this one. All correspondence should be by mail and most important, do not acknowledge any debt with them until they validate your debt with everything necessary, in writing and make sure to check your sol. He is not licensed in my state either. I have everything on standby to see just how miserable this guy is gonna try to make my life. First I tell my attorney to proceed, then I request that his collection inquiries get removed from my credit report. Stay strong and know your rights.

Boooooo hissssssss to low down GEM collection tactics!

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KittieKat KittieKat

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Just for kicks , at my attorney's website, they have actual collection calls from GEM and the low down tactics they use on everyday people. If you want the website, PM me.

It's pretty funny when you read the calls from this office. Don't let them use these tactics on you! They prey on people who don't know their rights

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KittieKat KittieKat

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I noticed that the letter they sent me had a date of June 6, but just received it today the 28th. Think they held it that long on purpose??

In my request for validation I told them I had 30 days after their response to dispute what they sent me, so doesn't this mean they cant harass me for another 30 days?? IN their letter they said collection activity will now continue on this account.

Noticed they call their goons, arbitration agents, what kind of crap is that??? they aint arbitrating nothing

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mbell mbell

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Since I sent them the letters, they havent called me! I got one call back in May so I guess Im lucky. I havent heard anything from them at all. I put the ball back in their court with my last letter and so I will just wait to see what their next move is. My SOL was up- back in 05, and I told them that and let them know I KNOW this, I think this was what stopped them in their tracks, but I will see. They are so rotten, this guy I talked with (Mr Marks) was saying things like- wage garnishments, freezing my assets, taking away my house and freezing my checking account and going to jail and on and on! All for a lousy 718.00!

Im so glad you got a lawyer- I cant afford one right now, but the stuff Ive learned has helped alot. I hope your lawyer gives them hell! and has so much on these guys- I cant even believe they still operate.

mbell- The validation letter- what was it? Was it the original contract with your origianl signature? Thats what is considered validation of the debt, not some generalized print-out thats basically generic, like a manuel of whatever companies policies. Thats stuff anybody can get from any co. website. If by the Grace of God your agreement was Oral, there is no way they can produce the original contract with your sig bcuz it does not exist. Even if you signed something- it no longer exists bcuz if your loan/credit card or what ever it is was a charge/write off by the original creditor then your agreement doesnt exist anymore. What ever they sent you sounds like another tactic to try to convince you to pay. Find out what your SOL is, and if its passed, then right them a letter- telling them the SOL is up, they cant collect on an unenforcable/uncollectible debt, infact they are breaking the law by trying to do so in the first place. Tell them you do not deal with CA's, by law they are required to follow the law and never to contact you again and they must cease collections. Certify and return reciept the letter ofcourse. Also- tell them you will use the law against them to protect yourself from their illegal attempts. One thing I did was I printed out documents off the website of budhibbs and ripoffreport that were horrendous complaints about GEM and I sent them with my letter- basically showing them I was on to them, I now knew what they were about and go ahead and try to collect and see what happens. Thats when the tide turned and they decided they no longer wanted to pursue an arbitration. I hope this helps, good luck!


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How do you go about finding out what your SOL is and what states this guy is able to practice in?

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Heaven, as per the state laws, every state has its own statutes within which the debt can be legally collected. If the debt goes out of the SOL period, no company can collect it in legal terms. You can refuse to pay it unless you make a payment and re-enforce the SOL period. You need to check with your attorney general office for information about the statutes in your state and the company licensed to do business.

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anthony anthony

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Thank you, anthony. That's a phone call I'm going to make in the morning. Would be interesting to know if he can do business here.

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