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I don't understand this part. It says in the bankruptcy laws for chapter 7 that if your income is at or below 150% of the federal poverty level then you can sign a waiver and the filing is free.

How do I figure this out? Lets say that the federal poverty level is $1,300 and my income is $1,500. 150% of 1,300 is $1,950. Would that mean that I could sign the waiver and file for free?

Could someone explain this if I am wrong please?


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Very good question Guest. Can you tell us what state you are in? That is a start, and someone with more knowledge of this will be along shortly to help you and welocme to the site.

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Federal poverty level is the same for all states. It depends on your family size. To answer your question, 150% of poverty level would be if you were making a monthly income of approx $1,300 or a yearly income of about 14,000, and that's for a family of one. You can google 2009 federal poverty income level and you can read it. Hope that helps

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By the way, I'm in New york and I was approved a fee waiver by the court, just go to the list and look up your family size.

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So if I am making $1,599 a month from disability, I am not within the federal poverty level and could not get a waiver, is that correct?

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Start with your poverty line amount and multiply times 150% (or 1.5).
What you are actually getting is 1.5 times the poverty number. If you are bellow it based on the current year levels, you can get the waiver. Or you may be able to pay the fee in installments... Or not.

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OK lets see if I have this right.

The 2009 amount is $1,353.75 X 150% = $2,030.625. I get $1,599 a month from Social Security. So does that mean I can get a waiver and not have to pay for the bankruptcy?

I would still have to pay an attorney or is that free too? I plan on going next month so I am just getting prepared.

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If $1,599 is below the poverty line for the number of individuals in your home, then yes.
You don't have to pay an attorney, but the alternative requires that you become familiar with the forms and requirements for filing that your bankruptcy district sets. If you go on your own, you may bring your completed forms to the court's clerk and ask them to check them out before you file to make sure you are not missing anything or have items that will require more work. I think it best to ask than to stress after the filing to comply with the requests. Also, some attorneys will make it painful (financially).

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