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I know they say bankruptcy should be your last resort. I have lots of debt to pay off, I know there are others who have a lot more, but to me $6,000 is a lot since I only work part-time as an independent contractor and it is not steady work, the amount of my paychecks are different all the time. I have looked everywhere for another job, but I have had no luck.
One of these debts is payments through a settlement, $150 a month for 4 months, I am approaching the 5th month soon and it's time to re-negotiate, I am not going to be able to afford anymore. I am really thinking of filing bankruptcy to just start over and possibly save myself from any back levies or other lawsuits. I can't sleep thinking if my paychecks aren't enough this month, how will I pay. I tried applying for a loan and I was turned down due to my bad credit. Is there any advice someone can give me, is there anything I haven't done yet? Appreciate all responses, thanks.

debt settlement is a viable alternative to avoid bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can ruin your credit score as well as report for a period of 7 to 10 years and thus affect your credit accessing potential.

If you still think that you can't afford, you can definitely go for bankruptcy. I think you can go through "Bankruptcy - The last option for debt problems" for a better idea.

You can also get free counseling from our debt consolidation Care community so that you can take proper decision to become debt free.

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I am already enrolled in debt counseling, they cannot help me with a settlement because they cannot lower the amount, it is court ordered

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