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Will bankruptcy coming off credit report help very much?

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I have a bankruptcy, chapter 7, that will be dropping off my credit report in a few months (it has been almost 10 years now since filing). Will this help my credit score very much? I have not had very good credit since I filed the bankruptcy, BTW. Does anyone know approximately how many points this will raise my score, if any?

It will raise your score a bit. But even with a BK on your credit record the creditors will look at how you have handled your accounts since filing. If you have collections or judgments on your credit record having the BK drop off won't help much. It will help but not much. Our credit sucked and after our BK dropped off our score was at 550 we did get some loans but we are paying a higher interest, not as bad as a place we had a loan through before our BK dropped off (we were paying 32% interest on a car loan :shock: ) now we are paying 6% on our house and 10% on our car. So like I said it helps but if you want a credit card good luck on that.

Are you looking into getting some type of loan? Because if so I would recommend going to a credit union, they are much better than a regular bank. And if you are looking at trying to clean up your credit record you can try a consolidation company.

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