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After a discharge notification is received from the court, is that it? I was told that although the discharge had been granted, the trustee had yet to file a determination of assets.

This obviously got me wondering if the trustee will notify me months down the road that I have to pay something. My attorney sent me a letter saying everything was done, thanks for your business, blah, blah, but I just want to know that this humiliating experience is absolutely behind me now. I don't want to be blind-sided in the future.

Tiffany - as far as I know, once you are discharged, that's it. It's done. I may be wrong, however, with the laws changing a while back, that may have changed. But it doesn't seem like the attorney would have sent you a letter saying you're done if you're not - I would think he/she would have put something in the letter that would let you know that the Trustee would be taking future action of some sort.

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From reading cases online,the discharge from the court is the final step in a bankruptcy. Now you get to rebuild your credit report.Holler when you are ready for that challenge.

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