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I have been told that my account with the credit union I am with will be frozen since I have a loan with them also. Do I open an account now with a bank before I file, or wait till after I have filed. Does any one know of any banks that help those who have filed for bankruptcy?


I would think that opening a bank account before or after filing bankruptcy shouldn't be a problem, but are you planning on including the account that you have frozen with the credit union in the bankruptcy? If so, until you bankruptcy is actually filed, the credit union can continue to try and collect the debt and also could report you to Chexsystems, which would make it hard to open an account for 5 years.

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brownsugar brownsugar

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I think that many credit unions will not allow you to open new bank account after filing bankruptcy. If you haven't filed it yet, try now. They will look into your credit first before opening the account. If it's already tarnished, you may face a hard time.

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a_neblat a_neblat

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I didn't realize credit unions base their decision on opening new accounts from a person's credit. I assumed they would run a Chexsystems report like banks do.

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brownsugar brownsugar

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nope, most credit unions base it on credit. Mine opened the account, then sent me a letter two days later to say they had changed their minds. The bankruptcy nixed it. But that was only for a checking account, not a savings. I still have the savings account.

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There are many credit unions that will not allow you to open a checking account once you have filed for bankruptcy but will allow you to open a savings account. Many of them will allow you to have a checking account after you can show good standing with your savings account. It all depends upon which bank you go to and what their rules are.

But I would hope that you have considered all of your options before you file. Bankruptcy will be on your credit report for the next ten years. While you can get a loan, you have to realize that you will be given an outrageous interest rate and credit cards will be available at the same level. Have you explored all other options? Please consider consolidation or payment plans before you ever consider bankruptcy.

Have you tried to open an account at one of the major banks? That might be able to help you.

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Alexandra Alexandra

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Does anyone know that if bankruptcy helps with chexsystems? Does it help you get out of chexsystems?

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Bankruptcy will not help you get out of chexsystems. My advice for the original post is to see if you can talk with the manager at the credit union you still have your account with to see if they would let you settle the account instead of discharging it with your bankruptcy debt. If they report you to chexsystems as paying your account in full you'll have a much better chance of being able to open a new account than if they reported you to chexsystems as "money still owed". The way they report you to chexsystems can make a huge difference!

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Scott McKay Scott McKay

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I was wondering if I file bankruptsy on my bank account can I get another account after the bankruptsy proceedings is all over

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Is your bank account overdrawn? Are you reported to Chexsystems? If your not reported to Chexsystems yet, you already might be able to open a new bank account.

I'm assuming that your planning on opening a new account at a different bank, right?

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m.lm1947 m.lm1947

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I will be filing the "Big B " in jan.09 a few of my bank accounts have been taken or frozen. I do have an account that has not been touched and I am wondering if that is because it is incorperated. The corp fee is coming do again and I don,t no if that is the real reason that the account is safe or have they just not caught up with me yet. I am also wondering about having an account (checking) can I or can,t no one really seems to know the answer [cpa or lawer]. Any ideas?[justify:1e3e0a33bd][/justify:1e3e0a33bd]

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