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How can you get refunds from 3B and Little Loan Shoppe?

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I have read several differant threads of others who have actually gotten refunds and PIF's from 3B and Little Loan Shoppe. I sent them letters and filed complaints with BBB, MO Attorney General and the Fed Trade Commision today. Just wanted to confirm or hear from others who it has really worked for??

Hi Kelly,

I haven't dealt with Loan Shoppe myself. But from your approach it seems that you're on the right path.

Most of the times Loan Shoppe claims that they are not a payday loan company but a installment loan one. As far as I know, they are categorized as payday loan companies.

Here are some discussions regarding PIF from Loan Shoppe: -

I complained to the BBB and I received a refund and pif letter

Sent Loan Shoppe a C&D letter requesting a PIF letter and a refund for the overpayment

Just the beginning, but good news! Loan Shop PIF

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I am an investor in the little loan shoppe. I would like to find others who have started a law suit so I could join and share the cost.

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Please email Sorry, email address removed per the TOS, Shazzers

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Little Loan Shoppe filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy earlier in the summer. The investor needs to get in touch with the bankruptcy court since any lawsuits need to be filed there now. As for refunds, I'm not sure if they can or can't do it (assuming they would agree to it) since they filed bankruptcy. Debtors in possession (Chapter 11 filers) can conduct "ordinary business" but extraordinary expenses have to be approved by the court. But since any refund would be small, there might be an exception.

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Does anyone know if Little Loan Shoppe is licensed in the State of Indiana. I searched the states website and I do not believe they are but want to make sure they are. I took out a loan for $500 and have paid back $1,440 bit they still want $1,130 more. Any suggestions?

Thank you

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