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I don't have any judgements. I am afraid before the SOL expires, a collector might sue and get a judgement. Will I be able to file bankruptcy to get rid of the judgment, if I meet all the requirements?
I have been unemployed for 7 years.

There are numerous questions that one must ask theirself before bankruptcy. I will give you the little I know about bankruptcy and let someone more experienced expand on it.

You can bankrupt most judgements.There are certain debts that are not allowed to be discharged and if judgement is related to them,it would not be discharged.The list of debts that cannot be discharged are as follows:
Student loans
Court ordered fines or restitution(Criminal or traffic)
Government debts
Child support
That is about all I know on this subject.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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The collectors are collecting for unpaid credit cards. I have only three things I would bankrupt, because I only owe three things, which are old credit cards. The SOL will expire soon, and I am hoping I won't need to go bankrupt.

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When is the SOL going to expire on each of the accounts? If the collector is aware that the debt is running out of the SOL and if the amount is huge, they might be quick in getting a legal case against you. How much do you owe to the credit card companies?

Do you have the debt validated by the collection agency? You should be sure of their collections being legit.

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Asset and Arrow say I owe more than I do. They sais they validated, but they really did not. I just found out I was mistaken on the SOL. I have 4 years to go before it expires.

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If the SOL is still active, then you should not delay in paying the debt. Call the original creditor and make direct arrangements with them. They will work with you if your file is still in their system. You can also request them to pull your file back from the CA.

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Johnson4485 Johnson4485

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Other judgements you can not include in a bankruptcy would be judgements brought against during the commission of a crime or related to a crime, one example would be DUI, the list is long. Getting sued and having a judgement against you for assault/battery. Like I said there are alot of type of judgements which you can not include in a bankruptcy.

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I had a Capital One judgement last year. This year I filed for bankruptcy and I was able to discharge it.

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ttnguyen19846 ttnguyen19846

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judgement from a car accident 10 yrs ago

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i owe around five thousand in credit cards . can i go bankrupt

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