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A long time ago I purchased a extended car warranty and made the down payment with a debit card from my TCF account. A couple of years ago that account was closed because of overdrafts.

I have since traded in the car and was to get a prorated refund. The warranty place sent the refund to the cancelled debit card with TCF and not my current account.

Will TCF keep the refund because I owe money or since the account has been closed for so long just reject it the transaction all together.

Any ideas.

if you didn't pay and get that negative balance to zero.yes they can,and might keep it.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Your probably right. I looked today and the balance is a zero, but there has been no activity and the debit card deactivated since May 2013. Its very weird.

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the refund would have bounced back to the warranty them again and tell them to cut you a check, that your previous card is no longer active!

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They said it can take up to 72 hours to hit the card. It was suppose to have been sent yesterday and are watching for it. They said they will cut a check when and if it bounces back. Thanks for all the responses.

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