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Does anyone have an opinion on Compass Bank. I am currently on Chexsystems and working to repair my bad financial history. I would like a reputable bank to make a new start. The banker told me they use telecheck. I called Telecheck and they have no record of bad history with me. I owe Compass Bank 250.00, which I plan to pay prior to opening the account. I just want to double check that they do no use Chexsystems. I've called their customer service number as well and they also verified they only use Telecheck. Opinions?

If I'm reading your post correctly, you owe Compass Bank $250 and you want to open an account with them after you pay the $250, or you're gonna open an account elsewhere after you pay Compass Bank the $250? Please explain a little more.

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m.lm1947 m.lm1947

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I'm going to open an account with Compass Bank after I pay the $250.00 I owe them.

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More than likely they will not open an account for you after you pay them. I could be wrong but chances are they woudl have reported you to EWS, and anyone reported to EWS can not have an account with Compass. They may open the account but they will more than likely close it within a week

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Mary Adkins Matthews Mary Adkins Matthews
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i currently am with compass. as far as oweing them money and opening an account i dont know, but as far as compass bank alot of people i work with complain about them. but i've been with them almost 3 years and i havent had a problem with them at all. i think if you screw your account around and constantly overdraw it they will mess with you, but what bank wouldnt. there was 1 time within the last 3 years i miscalculated and over drew my account, i ended up with 3 nsf. i called and talked to them and they reversed all 3 nsf charges. i thought that was nice of them. and not too long ago when i got into an online payday loan mess compass was more than happy to freeze my account and issue a new account for me. so over all i am happy with them.

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bastoops bastoops

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